Simple hack for writing good copy for websites & apps

We’re drowning in catch-phrases and no one will save us. It looks like someone did a good job of convincing the universe of user experience designers and copywriters that fewer words had the strongest impact.

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What boggles the mind is how few is too few and at which point does it cross over to clever-sounding nonsense?

Granted, some of the huge brands have a large portion of humanity in their pockets — so if they just a phrase like something like “Do better”, someone somewhere out there has spasms of joy.


Yes, maybe the age of tech has reached a point where no single feature is new or innovative, but a simple modification of their messages would sound more human and resonate with millions.

The rule is simple:

That’s it.


Instead of the impersonal “A new generation of iPhones” try using, “A new generation of iPhone for you.”


Instead of just a generic “UX Designer” try using, “I will help improve how users experience YOU.”


… and so much more. I think you get the idea.

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Designer at Toptal

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