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I’m not going to say that every time something crazy happens in the NBA finals it’s the work of Adam Silver and the league trying to boost revenue by extending a series. I will say that with the amount of money being thrown around it’s within the realm of possibility. Draymond Green struck multiple people in the groin during the course of the playoffs, that’s true. At a certain point it can’t be coincidence anymore and steps need to be taken to stop it from happening. I even agree with the flagrant call. But how convenient is it that in a finals series with the NBA’s biggest star, who happens to be down 3–1, ends up in a scuffle with Golden States best defender and a suspension is handed out? I can’t prove this was a back room deal of the league with broadcast stations but stranger things have happened. Whether anyone believes the conspiracy or not I think this series goes into the stat books with an asterisks, if not literally at least in the memories of the fans who were there to watch it.

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