A guide to G Suite Referral Program

Every company today uses email and collaboration tools, however things are changed drastically in past few years and businesses are now switching from their legacy email servers to cloud based solutions to be more productive from anywhere anytime access.

This however brings lot of competition among the cloud based email and collaboration solution vendors like Microsoft and Google, though lot of technologies companies offer these solutions, but Google and Microsoft look prominent with their G Suite (Google) and Office 365 (Microsoft) cloud based productivity solutions which includes email, online document sharing, video conferencing, storage etc.

Though Microsoft has been a leader in messaging industry from almost two decades with their Microsoft Exchange solution, however Google is now a top choice, especially for small businesses and educational institutes with G Suite, its suite of apps which includes Gmail for business, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Sites, Google Calendar etc.

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Google has recently started marketing its productivity suite heavily with the launch of G Suite Referral program which offers discount to businesses on the first year of signing up, in this article i’ll talk about a few points about this referral program which might help you understand whats in it for you you are planning to switch to G Suite.

Understanding G Suite Referral Program-:

Like any referral or partner program there are 3 parties involved in the program who enjoy mutual business benefits-:

  1. Vendor → (Google in this case which offers the product) gets benefitted as their software application (G Suite) gets sold.
  2. Customer → (you, in this case) who plans to purchase/use the software and looking for promotion code to save some money.
  3. Partner → (G Suite referral partner) who gets G Suite basic and G Suite business promo code from Google and provide it to the customer based on their country and sku.

Understanding your eligibility to get discount-:

Google has slowly been rolling out this promotion to countries, however at the time of writing this article, its been rolled out in 24 countries (see the list below), one has to fulfill following criteria too to avail the discounted offer-:

  1. You should be a new G Suite customer who is either in 14 days trial or planning to sign up for it, but in case if you have already made your payment to Google then you won’t qualify for this discounted price.
  2. You should be signing up for G Suite from an eligible country (mentioned below), if you don’t see your country here, sorry.
  3. You should be signing up for either G Suite basic edition OR G Suite business edition (and in case you need to understand the differences among these editions, here is a new comparison table by Google showing detailed differences among G Suite basic vs business vs enterprise.

List of countries where Google offers promotion code based on the product plan you are signing up for-:

How much discount would I get?

Though I have seen people publishing information offering 40, 50% discount etc, but unfortunately its not true, Google offers FIX 20% discount with its G Suite promotion program, period!

This discount will be applied on your 12 monthly invoices regardless of the number of users you sign up for, e.g if you sign up for 20 users, instead of paying $100/month, you would be paying $80/month to Google for first 12 months.

However, there are other ways to save more than 20% on your G Suite subscription where instead of purchasing new licenses every time and investing money, you may use G Suite smart features like Email Aliases (nick name), Google Groups etc, which I cover in much details in my 10 steps guide to save up to 50% with G Suite Promo Code.

Needless to say, your G Suite subscription is from Google itself, referral partner is just a way to get promo code as Google does not allow public distribution of these coupons and being violation of its terms and conditions of G Suite Referral Program, hence you need to reach out to a referral partner asking for promotion code for G Suite basic or business edition depending on the one you are signing up for.

How would I use G Suite promotion code-:

Applying the code once you get it is very simple, you will need to-:

  1. Login to your G Suite Admin Console (or control panel).
  2. Go to billing page.
  3. Choose your product if haven’t done yet (e.g basic or business).
  4. Select either flexible (monthly) or Annual (yearly) payment plan.
  5. Click on the “Promotion Code” box and enter the code which you might have got from your G Suite partner.

Now you’ll see a confirmation that your promotion code has been applied.

Note-: You will not see the discount right away, rather on your monthly invoices.

Whats next-:

It is always great to understand the product you use everyday, as it helps you to be more productive, and save some of your time and money, I would recommend you to make yourself familiar with some of the basic administration tasks with G Suite Admin guide.

As usual, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in comments.


Goldy Arora

G Suite Certified Consultant