Qinling, let’s run a simple function!

Gaëtan Trellu
May 28 · 3 min read

High level OpenStack Qinling workflow (thanks draw.io)

A very simple function

$ openstack function create --name func-hq-1 --runtime python3 --file hello_qinling.py --entry hello_qinling.main

Run, Qinling, Run… and show me the output!

$ openstack function execution create 484c45df-6637-4349-86cc-ecaa6041352e | grep result
| result | {"duration": 0.129, "output": null} |
$ openstack function execution log show 4a3cc6ae-3353-4d90-bae5-3f4bf89d4ae9
Start execution: 4a3cc6ae-3353-4d90-bae5-3f4bf89d4ae9
Hello Qinling \o/
Finished execution: 4a3cc6ae-3353-4d90-bae5-3f4bf89d4ae9

Your turn!



Gaëtan Trellu

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Stories of a Technical Operations Manager @Ormuco_inc

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