The future looks positive for Golfcoin. The team has made significant achievements over the past several months, but we believe that the best is yet to come!


We have been contacted by some of the largest/most well known companies in the golf business (in individual countries and globally), and are…

It is Golfcoin’s recommendation, any users or companies choosing to trade on or work with Bitker’s exchange use extreme caution with depositing funds due to the suspected safety and business practices of the exchange. …

Golfcoin provides the golf industry with a universal rewards program. Our goal is that every golfer and golf-related merchant will join the Golfcoin Rewards™ ecosystem to the benefit of all players, merchants, and the game of golf.


Golfcoin Rewards™ benefits members by issuing “rewards points” — in the form of…


Official cryptocurrency for the golf industry.

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