The future looks positive for Golfcoin. The team has made significant achievements over the past several months, but we believe that the best is yet to come!



General Applications

Strategic Position

GOLF is listed on the Binance Info Page — the first step of Binance’s listing process. Being the largest exchange, we are focused on getting GOLF on Binance. If anyone from our community has unique contacts within the Binance organization and can assist in this process, please contact us.

GOLF is also supported by Trust Wallet and will soon be on Eidoo’s wallet. See Golfcoin on Eidoo’s website here.


CoinExchange’s compliance with CMC’s initiative resulted in a period when Golfcoin’s value was frozen on CMC. Thankfully, we were able to get this cleared up with CoinExchange and CMC — very big thank you to both for having such professional support.

SnapShot & Golfcoin Rewards

- Mainstream awareness and adoption of Golfcoin in the golf industry
- Facilitating and educating early adopter clubs and courses
- Connection to Golfcoin Rewards program platform

Golfcoin Rewards Program
All interface designs for the Golfcoin Rewards program mobile app are complete. However, development time is to be determined and is dependent on cryptocurrency regulations. It’s important businesses who adopt Golfcoin know their companies are not exposed to any financial or regulatory risks. This is primarily why Golfcoin is utilizing technologies such as Trust and Coinbase Wallet as their companies are meeting these standards.

Development is re-scheduled due to:
- Recent integrations with current technology that streamline Golfcoin’s potential adoption and development.
- Development in time/cost that prohibit and restrict time to global adoption.
- Lack of regulation limiting many merchants, clubs, courses, and digital venues from adopting Golfcoin.

Roadmap & Ecosystem Additions

Digital Venues Ecosystem Addition
This was a clear decision to add to the Golfcoin ecosystem. Since digital venues such as TopGolf and other entertainment lounges offer their own reward incentives the team believes Golfcoin, as the only (GOLF) cryptocurrency will be a perfect extension these companies can add to their rewards programs.

Online Sports Betting Ecosystem Addition

According to, “The Supreme Court in May 2018 struck down PASPA, the federal law banning single-game wagering. Each state now can set its own rules for online sports betting…” It is projected that, Virginia, the home base of Golfcoin LLC., will be legalizing online sports betting in 2020. It is currently legalized in West Virginia and Washington D.C. This will present major opportunities for the growth of Golfcoin as many of these online sports betting platforms, such as BlitzPredict and 4CasterSports, are planned to also accept cryptocurrencies.

In addition, says, “International sports betting is estimated to have a market capitalization of $250 billion.”. They go on to detail market growth in the United States explaining, “In 2009, the sports betting market was valued at $20 billion. By 2016, it was valued at $40 billion. With a present market capitalization of (conservatively) between $60–73 billion, the market has conservatively grown at a rate of $10 billion per year. If this pace continues, American sports betting will occupy an increasingly significant share of the world market.”

Coin Burn Questions From Community

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