I can’t promise Ryver won’t be acquired. Slack can’t either though admittedly with the money they have they likely won’t. But you note ACT!. We started it in 1987 and almost 28 years later it is a product that still lives. Changed hands 4 times now and may change hands again, but there are still about 1MM users of it. SalesLogix was started in 1998 and it changed hands 3 times and there are still about 15,000 companies using it though Infor dropped the SalesLogix name recently.

Great products tend to live on for a very long time and I have created 2 of the longest living products. I am convinced Ryver is in that class. It is funded with just shy of $10MM with very strong backers who believe in the success we are seeing. As CEO my number 1 job is “never run out of money.” In my career I have raised well over $100MM. This is my 5th VC backed company. I’m pretty good about not running out of money. You can trust I have a clear plan for Ryver.

We have considered making Ryver open source but we are not going to do it. We have made Ryver free and will publish a very complete API gradually starting very soon — like in the next few weeks. More importantly, the key to our ability to make money, our task manager, is coming along very nicely. It is the first premium application that seamlessly integrates with Ryver. I believe it will be a very attractive product/add-on. More to come after that.

We would love to see you move your Slack group over to Ryver and would be happy to help anyway we can. Frankly, I can’t imagine not being able to search past 10,000 chats and have to delete files. Also, we are finding the ability to add guests to particular Forums/Channels is an interesting capability. Since you can’t have guests in Slack, community admins have never thought about how they could be used. But they can prove useful if you had them. In my opinion the only reason to use Slack for a community is that “it’s cool.” Ryver delivers a better product without arbitrary limits and is totally free.

Let us know if we can help you. Thanks!

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