The Life of a Golgi

Dear Diary,

What an exhausting day it has been!! I know how important my job is and how fortunate I am to be in such a high position in the Endomembrane Company, but I really could use a vacation — (or at least a pay raise for all of this strenuous work).

Let’s go over my daily schedule:

o Clean my cisternae and ensure that my cis face and trans face are working properly

o Receive proteins from Mr. Endoplasmic Reticulum at my cis face (also receive lipids/polysaccharides)

o Modify substances throughout the different compartments within my Golgi Apparatus building

o Among the four main inner compartments are:

cisGolgi network- transported proteins from ER mentioned here

Golgi stack (which is divided into the medial and trans sub-compartments) — involve most metabolic activities

transGolgi network- serves as center sorting and distribution

Considering that the Cellular-gods have subjected me to this fate for the entirety of my lifespan, I know that I should be flattered with the degree of authority that is given to me. However, in the same context, my job was only discovered about 100 years ago, so there are parts within thisGolgi Apparatus building that are still completely unexplored.

But I’m not complaining, every part contributes to the existence of the eukaryotic cell.

Oh no! I just got signals that Mr. Human (my boss) just ate 8 bowls of pasta… Wish me luck because tomorrow will be even more hectic than today! Packing, sorting, processing, repeat. Ugh!

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