How to create and use variable golinks

A guide on creating a golink with interchangeable parts

A variable golink allows you to quickly insert a value into a URL to target specific destinations. This is used for URLs that share the same domain but have a single or string of variable values that modify the destination.

Breaking it down

To create a variable golink, follow these three simple steps:
1. Select the URL you will be using
2. Replace the variable value with the variable parameter {*}
3. Create a golink using the updated URL

Let's say you want to create a golink for a Google Hangout with a person on your team. The URL looks like this:

You can create a golink using this URL and name it “go/meetwithtammy,” but if you have many team members, creating individual golinks like this would be extremely tedious. With variable golinks, you can tackle this with just one golink.

We know that in the example above, only the name changes within the URL. We can create a variable parameter that allows you to quickly drop in the name into the URL. To create this variable parameter, we use the magical {*}.

The destination URL will look like this:{*}?authuser=0

We will create a golink with this URL and name it, “go/meetwith”.

To use the golink, all you have to do is type “go/meetwith/tammy” or “go/meetwith/nate” into your browser bar. This will automatically resolve the golink with their name inserted into the URL.

Tada! Now you have just one golink to handle your Google Hangout needs!

Endless possibilities

You can apply this to various applications. Here are some more examples:

You can even string together multiple variables.

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