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Top 5 Live Streaming Benefits Revealed

A recent study conducted Dec 2015-January 2016 by Brandlive asked 200 executives the question - “What are the perceived benefits to your company of producing live streaming video events?”

Here are the top results from that survey…

79% answered - More authentic interaction with the audience
63% answered - Bring a human element to digital marketing
61% answered - Creating a library of content that can be viewed or re-purposed later
60% answered - Learning from the real-time audience feedback
48% answered - Product story communication directly from our main product experts

Based on these results it’s evident that brands are beginning to focus on live video as an exciting new channel to reach their audience. Live video streaming surpases any other form or social media by way of hightened engagement, and authenticity.

Live video is a fresh and exciting platform for online brand building now you just need to engage your audience.

Here are a few important tips that will help you make the most out of your live online video broadcasts:

Promote. There’s no sense in investing time, money and effort into a great online broadcast if nobody is going to be watching. …

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Live online broadcasting is a powerful and innovative tool for connecting with diverse audiences in a personal way. For this reason, it offers great potential for life coaches who wish to use technology to improve their professional performance. Here are 5 important ways that life coaches can use live online broadcasting.

Reach new clients

Live online video is a great way to make new connections. It is also a wonderful platform to explain the advantages of having a life coach, to answer common questions and concerns, and to promote yourself. …

4 Reasons Why Authors Should Use Live Video Broadcasting

In recent years, there has been an explosion in an exciting form of online media — live video. …

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Look for exciting new ways to build your online presence? Live video broadcasting is for you! Here are just a few of the ways you can use live online video to benefit your business.

Share interviews, stories, and testimonials. Live video broadcasting is a great way to add a personal, human touch to your brand. By sharing one-on-one interviews with your employees; interesting stories about the company and its products; or real-life customer testimonial videos, you can engage your audience more directly while fostering a sense of transparency and familiarity that is hard to attain through traditional marketing strategies.

Broadcast exciting content.

In a world with over 3.1 billion internet users, nearly any subject matter in existence has a large potential audience — it’s all just a matter of connecting! These 7 tips will help you promote your live online broadcast and make the event a success.

1. Use social media. The marketing power social media offers is incredible. …

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In case you haven’t noticed, video is beginning to dominate the online world. In 2014, 64 percent of all web traffic was video traffic — an idea that would have seemed wild just a few years before. …

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There’s no doubt about it: the music industry has undergone enormous changes in recent years. The internet has created new ways to share and experience music; it has helped create cult-followings and success stories; it has increased competition but has also spurred on opportunity. Thanks to the internet, any musician can now reach a nearly infinite audience: it’s all just a matter of standing out.

Here at GoLiveWith, we believe that the innovative will always succeed; which is why we highly encourage musicians to branch out and try live online broadcasting. …

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A new and important revolution is sweeping the web that offers amazing potential in terms of personal brand building. What is this game changer? Live video broadcasting.

Though there have been a limited number of moderately successful websites offering live broadcasting capabilities, the truth is that live broadcasting has never quite taken off until very recently. …



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