Kundalini Awakening

I’m going to name-drop the seminal text on Kundalini Awakening before I write about my own experience. The books are ‘Living with Kundalini’ and ‘Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man’. They might be the same book. I haven’t read either. I hear he’s managed to bring the process of the experience down to earth and write intelligibly about it’s purpose. I’ve only watched snippets of interviews by Gopi Krishna. Three years since the experience, it feels to have been an initiation.

Gopi thinks that humanity as a whole is moving toward this something that unfolds in the individual post Kundalini. This something re-characterizes his outlook on the world. He thinks the changes that most directly follow Kundalini awakening are changes that are in accordance with the laws of human evolution. I don’t think this means that we’ll all have the Kundalini experience, but that humanity as a whole will either by “spiritual contagion”, through community work from those who possess the energy, or through the passing on of our genes to the children we birth after Kundalini move toward an operating plane that will be different, and better for the whole. Gopi also thinks that collectively a certain kind of lifestyle is required for this “moving up” to come about.

I’ve heard this initiation is something that can be prompted by yoga but I wasn’t practicing yoga when it happened. My body had reached a certain level of detox though. In my final year as an undergrad, in 2014, I had already stopped seeing friends I’d only party with. It had been 4 years since I quit smoking cigarettes. I was fresh out of my first serious relationship and not at all refreshed. Actively looking for a job to jump into it as soon as I was done I made it to my final exam with a lifestyle that was pretty solitary. After 3 or 4 summer months, unemployed, lounging on my balcony, it happened while I was taking a nap one afternoon. Like a glow stick that snapped into color.

I want to call the transformations spiritual. But I don’t like that term if it means something that’s at odds with every-day reality. The high is better than any substance you can get hooked on. It’s about grappling with experience and with manifestation from a plane that hasn’t been typical “operating-plane” for the collective, but that will be, eventually.

My body longs for more natural sounds and exposures. Like telephones ringing disrupt me, when they didn’t before. Voices in songs aren’t as pleasant as they used to be. I prefer instrumentals. I prefer that version of Moonlight Sonata dubbed over by “relaxing nature sounds” on Youtube. Its like natural sounds circulate the KE more than other sounds. It feels like the body is expanding, and I’m more connected and in tune with the frequency of the “background”, or the “climate”. The tone that someone is speaking with is important in discerning whether we can come to have some sort of long-term working relationship.

I liken it to being given a blank canvas and a paint brush by what seems like a higher power, but that isn’t quite that at all…only an activation inside that has the potential to connect you in spirit with living phenomenon far and wide…and the idea is that the painting will only be finished when you are. The painting will only transition and build itself as you do. It’s a creative initiation that in a very real way is wound up with forces and the kinds of changes that man doesn’t experience until he experiences KA. Forces and changes that solidify his trust in what feel more like cosmic, evolutionary phenomenon rather than ghostly, haunted, eerie phenomenon.

It feels like with KA artistry becomes the task whether the self knows anything about the proper task of art or not. He’s given (or dared to — ) the task of becoming his most meritorious self. It’s really very exciting. We have man having to take up responsibility for his responses to the environment, and for his manifestations, with a fine-tuned ear to the needs of the “collective” that he may move things forward, instead of astray; deliberate about his strokes and his choice of color. KA strips man of the excuse of not being guided, of not having “good parents”, or love. Once you feel this power you’ll know that you have everything you need to live forever, as a dignified, self-possessed human being. You’ve become charged with an energy you never knew existed, that’s putting your body through changes you’ve never experienced, that you know are for the better, because they’re so extra-ordinary. It’s the closest experience that I imagine brings man to a phrase I read Nietzsche describe of the Übermensch, him being representative of

“…a self-sufficiency that overflows and gives to men and things.”
(The Gay Science, pg 117)

I take it as being given creative authority, that one must then prove one is worth. It requires all of your conscious effort at creation thereafter. You become the vessel of creation. It’s the road to recognizing and validating yourself as a creator. But this creation isn’t without a vague template.

What happens when you begin to possess yourself is that authoritative figures who feel in charge of their life will be honest with you, because they have to be, because you’re honest with them, and the group of you make informed decisions about each of your personal best interest, which always ends up being the best interest of the collective. What I mean by the best interest of the individual being the best interest of the collective has to do with respect. When I respect myself (WHEN is the key word), I can’t help but get it back, because that’s the only “channel” that’s open. Nowadays there’s a certain level of respect I expect in terms of back-and-forth communication. What used to be “just OK” when a friend texted me 6 times in a row for whatever reason, is no longer OK. I only need to hear things once. You’re just going to have to wait your turn, and keep yourself occupied in the meantime. I assume now that everyone is in charge of their life.

Time has taken on a new texture. I try and not allow it to impose itself on me. Time is something I can control. I don’t jog to time and it’s pace. I tell time what pace we’re moving for the day. Nothing is more urgent than my making sure that I’m in balance. Because now that this energy is active in my body, I’m a creator, which means I’m always at work, and I need to be at my best when I’m at work in the world. So for me to be rushed will only hurt the quality of my co-creative effort with the world.

Cultivating a sense of spirituality, with or without KA, is the beginning of consensual co-creation.Life has taken on a kind of discipline that sets my lifestyle apart from the majority of my regular friends. And there are new friends in my life who understand this slower, but more deliberate pace, and it works for them.

“Thinking” doesn’t happen so much as cruising does. There’s a certain level of “cruise control” that I can gear into. It’s like sleeping with your eyes open. And it feels good, and re-charges me. I like staring out of windows. When in cruise control, I’m inclined to take the form of a receiver than to exert force to make anything happen any which way.

Another thing that the spread of KE did is bring me to the beginning of the reason behind Yoga. I put my body into positions that allow it comfortable and efficient “currency throughput” with the ground. It’s a matter of circuitry, this yoga thing. It’s the practice of putting your body into the kinds of positions that it naturally would get into when it allows itself the most efficient circuitry with the earth. I now feel a need to stretch more.

I become ecstatic over small things. I’ve realized I look crazy being as happy as I am, and that people don’t understand my happiness. I try and control it because I’m concerned about style. Nevertheless — things are light to me. Things are funny. People are cute. I’m bewildered by effort. Children mean a lot to me. I’m close to their operating plane. But I see the child in everyone. Grown men with their efforts at innovation and entrepreneurship touches my heart. Everything is sweet.

For the most part things runs through me. When I lay down to sleep at night, or nap during the afternoons, my body buzzes with energy. It feels like I’m near levitation most naps. It’s a good feeling. I eat a little less meat now. Meat is dense and imposes more work on my body than other foods. My body is a little more fatigue for all that it processes now.

KA was, for me, and has become, a very vivid integration of spirituality in the functional, mechanical operation of everyday life. Planes of operation shift. Perspectives gain perspective. If had only two eyes before, I now have more than two, like an arthropod. I have more than five senses. I’m entirely sensitive.

It’s like surfing everyday. ‘Being’ is now maintaining balance in what is a multi-dimensional platform. It’s an alignment of all of my bodies, or rather — all components of my body. Now I have hands in other planes. Working with energy is just as integral to manifestation as working with the material. Believing my future is just as important as expressing it through the activities I get involved in.