The Full High-Tech Dictionary

Congrats! You started your career in the High Tech industry. Good for you. i’ll bet you heard so many terms and phrases you didn’t understand from the very beginning. So i decided to help you out. Save this list, print it, whatever. But remember it by heart.

(Translated from Hebrew)

  1. Let’s take it Offline — Let’s never discuss this again
  2. Email me on this matter — Let’s take it Offline
  3. We are going to price this very aggressively — We are going to loose our pants
  4. It’s a high risk project — We are going to loose our pants
  5. It’s a strategic account — We are going to loose our pants
  6. Developing this will take two weeks — Developing this will take two years
  7. Developing this will take two years — Developing this will take two weeks
  8. It’s a matter of configurations — Developing this will take two years
  9. It’s in the Roadmap — We don’t have a Roadmap
  10. It is Field-Proven Technology — We have no labs
  11. High Reliability — We made it work long enough in order to ship it to production
  12. It’s a new version — The old one didn’t work, this one might
  13. Local Support — You can send this back to us using your local airport
  14. We will customize the product — We will throw all of it and start over
  15. Clarification — We will fill the background with so many details until you’ll forget your own question
  16. FYI — I don’t get it, You save it / Look i am working!
  17. An Expert — anyone leaving 300 Km from here
  18. Comply — Not Comply
  19. Sorry, i didn’t bring a calling card — I am in QA
  20. We’ll think about it and get back to you — Now that we did think about it, we don’t want to think about it ever again
  21. I am still looking into it — I still haven’t found your Email in my Inbox
  22. A Reliable Source — Someone i just met
  23. It’s in process — It got out of hand
  24. The preliminary tests are inconclusive — It blew up once we turned it on
  25. The preliminary tests were good — It worked and we are surprised that it did
  26. We are starting the design soon — We haven’t started yet , but we gotta say something
  27. Delivery — We are starting the design soon
  28. It is not feasible — The only guy who knows anything just quit
  29. We will out source this — The only guy who knows anything just quit
  30. It’s a long sales cycle — The client doesn’t want our shitty product
  31. We will go to mergers and acquisitions — Our product doesn’t have a market anymore
  32. Our product is cost-effective — Our product is costly and not effective
  33. Branding / Positioning — Sounds smart right? No one knows what that means, right?
  34. We have a unique product — We have no more than 5 competitors
  35. We have no competition — IBM, Microsoft, Google and Amazon announced they stepping into the market
  36. This is Tailor-made — Not really for you, but we would love the money for the development now
  37. This year is a growth year — We are gonna loose a lot of money
  38. It’s Fully Redundant — We are using the Server’s RAID capability
  39. Raise a flag if you run into a problem — There is no chance you can do this properly
  40. Let’s think outside the box — Let’s take it offline

Good Luck!!!! :-)