My Experience In BootCamp So Far

It’s been four days since the start of the BootCamp, and it has been the most illuminating and educative period of my life. I have been exposed to a lot of programming concepts and technologies I never knew, and even more, I am learning the attitudes one has to embody to begin the journey of becoming a world class developer.

This attitudes are encapsulated in Andela’s core values; Excellence, Passion, Integrity, and Collaboration.

A developer must possess a mindset for excellence, if he/her desires to attain greatness in his/her field, and the past four days has pushed me beyond my limits, and in so doing, teaching me to pursue excellence with vigorous commitment.

I have faced a lot of challenges so far in the BootCamp, and what has kept me going is the passion I have for Software Development. Passion is the energy that drives me even when I feel depleted, and it has been of great use to me so far.

I have learnt the purpose of Integrity, living in accordance with my values, and aiming to be a guiding light, someone people can look up to.

A lot of challenges I have overcomed would not have been possible without Collaboration. Working with those around me, giving and receiving help, has been a great resource for me.

In conclusion, my experience so far has been challenging, but it has taught me to embody perseverance and excellence. It has made me realise I am not a quitter, and I will remain a non-quitter for the rest of my life.

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