My simple story

Not so explanatory as time was guiding me at a young age. very often could not understand what was happening around. Never got a clear view of what I need to do. Till I finished my graduation, I was not able to view the binocular vision. However, it was not necessary, as I was well guided by my parents. Certainly was clear about only one thing that is about my career.

Tracing the smooth path, but very often a lot of learnings at every moment of life tells and teaches how I should be.I was very bold and courageous after my graduation. One way my intuition was telling me certain secrets , which I started following.I used to achieve what I wanted, behind that there may be a lot of unexplained failures which may be the reason for the success that was coming thereafter.

Tough times never lost. Tough people do. I was not knowing how to be tough, neither my parents or my siblings taught me. Only one firm decision I understood when I was growing I understood that I need to develop the flexibility to achieve things over tough times.The face is the index of the mind , which was very true to my knowledge and to me.The difficulty at times was to face reality, which was ruling over with the unexpected ones.

Thought a lot about what is smartness? but still, do not know whether I am smart or not. When I see the generation Y, I am ready to learn what is smartness , but still, my mind does not accept those issues which are so-called smartness. Searching the logic, fusion, twists and turns of life to understand whether there is a connectivity to smartness.

How many people you meet is very important?.Every day has a specific purpose with the specific people. Do not miss the route, always the route and the driver matters the most as he or she possess the unconscious incompetence. This can be acquired only by the willpower.Getting focused was difficult at times because of not knowing the importance of prioritising as everything was important.I have observed a lot, but fear at times to look at things beyond the horizon.

Most of the times I feel that learning alone will not do in teaching, the demonstration will be far better than any way of reaching the learners. Anyhow, I have never felt that autonomy is nowhere. It is within ourselves.Once we realise to mesh with reality, there is nothing one can learn.Going ahead, having fun always keeps me running with energy.

Activeness tells my age, not the physical state. speed and time cannot disturb me as I always think a lot, dream a lot and achieve a lot.

Do not know whether my write up tells clearly about the life lessons.No lessons can be effectively learnt in life if you refuse to be a hero or heroine of your own episodes of life journey. Be yourself…carry yourself …award for good things done by yourself.Meditate and realise the power of yourself.

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