Artificial Intelligence: THE END OF ART AS WE KNOW IT

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The McLoughlin Gallery is pleased to present Artificial Intelligence: THE END OF ART AS WE KNOW IT by The Most Famous Artist. The exhibition will be on view June 27th, 2017 from 11am–6pm.

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TMFA has partnered with a group of anonymous hackers to build a proprietary artificial intelligence powered by big data capable of emulating and breeding art styles to produce high-quality original artworks.

The first images to be released utilizing this technology are a series of portraits of people whose jobs will be eventually eliminated by artificial intelligence.

These unique portraits resemble the methodical style Chuck Close was forced to adopt because of a health complication rendering him partially paralyzed and face-blind in 1988.

This exhibition serves as starting point for a discussion about the challenges facing humanity in light of big data, AI, and robots. Everyone from the factory worker to the art dealer to the artist will experience some form of functional paralysis as a result of artificial intelligence.

Over the past few years TMFA has honed in on creating headline-grabbing artworks including 100 Hundred Thousand Dollars, Kanye Loves Kanye, Happy Birthday, and most recently, The Pink House.

Each of these projects was widely written about for their uniquely reflective look at the Internet and society, the primary medium and subject of TMFA’s work.

The End of Art As We Know It represents a boldly dystopian vision for the future of cultural production. TMFA invites us to imagine a world in which big data and artificial intelligence inform the creation of cultural production to such an extent that the human touch is eventually removed from the process entirely.

The End of Art As We Know It is the artist’s last solo show in the United States before he begins a nomadic art adventure around the world visiting Berlin to speak at TOA, Lisbon to act as Entrepreneur in Residence with Nomadx, and Copenhagen to host a think tank on the future of art.

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