“Pink is a Nice Color” — an Art Exhibition by The Most Famous Artist

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Grey Projects is pleased to present Pink is a Nice Color by The Most Famous Artist. The exhibition will be on view May 6th through May 27th, 2017, with an opening reception on Saturday, May 6th from 7–9pm.

The Most Famous Artist originated in Los Angeles in 2014 by a Stanford educated technology entrepreneur, Matty Mo. In an interview with Los Angeles Magazine, Matty explained the origin of his artistic endeavor: “The Most Famous Artist is an exploration of how the Internet can be used to craft peoples’ perception of you as an artist, to develop a persona, and then to ultimately stimulate demand. I’m using my background in advertising technology and marketing, and my newfound love of creating objects with my hands to create a market for myself that’s unlike the traditional art landscape.”

TMFA is best known for his commissioned murals in iconic parts of Los Angeles — including The Springs in DTLA and Alfred Coffee locations in West Hollywood, Silver Lake, and Studio City. He encourages people to post selfies with the art on social media as a means of artist/fan collaboration and to market his own brand.

Collaborative creation is a consistent theme in his artwork across a variety of media, including appropriation, performance, installation, and public art. In 2016, TMFA asked his followers to donate artistic portraits of Kanye West to a curated collection of artworks featuring the famous rapper. After gathering more than 50 portraits of Kanye, TMFA held a group exhibition titled Kanye Loves Kanye both celebrating and exploiting the hip hop artist’s namesake to bring credibility and awareness to the group of contributing artists.

More recently, TMFA asked fans to send him nude selfies on Snapchat for his birthday. He took screenshots of his favorites and included them in an exhibition that opened in NYC in March 2017 entitled Happy Birthday.

Both exhibitions were widely written about by the media for their uniquely collaborative creation enabled by the connectivity of the Internet, the primary medium TMFA uses to create and distribute his work.

Pink is a Nice Color represents the culmination of lessons the artist has learned selling his work direct to his patrons on Instagram. “In looking through the data, it occurred to me that pink is the most salable color I work with. So, knowing that the goal of a solo show is to sell as much art as possible, I’ve created a body of work from found objects I’ve overpainted exclusively with shades of pink.”

Pink is a Nice Color is the artist’s last solo show in Los Angeles before he begins a nomadic art adventure around the world. Be sure to be at the opening to get a selfie with the artist and his latest body of work.