5 Ways How Not To Screw Up Your Date

Meet Liz, Activation Manager at #MeetCity. Today she is going to share her top 5 advices how not to screw up your date!

Be positive and fun.
Nobody wants to talk about problems and hear complaints on any single issue. People want to have fun, people need to chill, people need to relax. That’s why they go on dates and seek to meet new people. 
Be cool and you’ll be invited for the second date!

Don’t talk 24/7.
Be a listener! Date is a meeting of two, so let your data mate speak as well, or else he or she might get bored.

Be yourself.
It happens that we want to pretend being someone else when meeting new people — someone smarter, cooler or more successful. But we all are human beings and this is something that makes everyone special. Be the best version of yourself, but only the most genuine one!

Names are hard to remember, but worth trying.
If you tend to forget names, don’t hesitate to admit that and turn into a reason to laugh.

Don’t push!
Even if though you really got into someone, don’t be too pushy with calls, texts and meet invitations after the date is over. Give people time to come round of that awesome evening and do they daily stuff. At the same time, don’t be afraid to remind about it in a few days and keep in touch.

Let your phone chill as well.
When you are on a date, be on a date. Stop scrolling Insta feed and checking Facebook updates for a while. There is someone cool sitting in front of you!

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