5 Ways Your Relationship Is Ruining Your Sex Life

Marriage defines a precious bond between two people that has a desire to spend the rest of their lives together. It is often described as a “dream come true” or a “fairytale.” Unfortunately, not all marriages last and a lot of marriages end in divorce. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that, out of the 2.1 million couples that got married in the United States in 2014, more than 800,000 also got divorced. McKinley Irvin Family Law reports that the average marriage only lasts around eight years, which is less than a decade. Couples Counseling Chicago explains that, while marrying too fast and infidelity are among the top reasons why couples file for a divorce, they see a rising trend in bedroom boredom being declared as the reason for divorce as well.

A sex life is considered essential by many couples, and when sex is not on the table as much as it used to be in the beginning, it could lead to two people becoming disconnected. Cheating is also a factor that is often seen in marriages that describe their sex lives as nonexistent. Fortunately, by realizing what elements are causing a couple’s sex life to run dry, it is possible to make some small lifestyle changes to prevent these elements from interfering; thus restoring the spark there once was in the bedroom.

#1. Poor Communication Leads To Less Sex And A Problematic Marriage

When two people first meet and fall in love, they usually have an endless number of topics to talk about. Sparking a conversation is not a problem at all, and there is almost never an awkward moment of silence. As they become more used the idea of being together, the two also often run out of topics to talk about. In some marriages, the two partners would eventually only talk about essential things — such as what they are going to make for dinner. These are often seen as topics that are not “interesting.” Communication is key to a successful marriage, but it can also have a significant effect on a couple’s sex life. For example, one partner may feel that the other partner is very tired and not in the mood for sex, while the other partner is waiting for him to make a move. Thus, this miscommunication could lead to no sex, even though both partners wanted to have sex. Talking about problems openly, such as when the man is experiencing premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction symptoms, without the affected person feeling judged, is also a great way of improving communication and resolving problems before they become an issue.

Poor communication can also lead to other misunderstandings and may also cause unnecessary fights from occurring. This can lead to excessive amounts of stress being put upon both partners, and could even lead to the two partners not being as interested in one another as they used to be.

#2. Money Is Amongst The Top Reasons Why Couples Fight

The Guardian reports that money is one of the top reasons why couples fight and argue. When two partners fight too much, it leads to excess stress, a disconnection and also less interest in each other. In turn, this leads to less sex. While money does play a vital role in the survival of all people — money buys food, helps you to pay the bills and even gives you a place to stay (and, of course, a place to have sexual intercourse). When money is scarce, couples often turn to each other in a negative way and expect one another to solve the problem. The better approach, however, would be to join forces and make mutual decisions that both parties agree on.

#3. An Imbalance In Daily Chores Causes Problems

Another major problem that couples find interferes with the wellbeing of their relationships or marriages is an imbalance in daily chores. Both partners involved in a relationship needs to bring their part in the house and the relationship — only then can the couple be truly happy and feel like they are equals in the relationship. The problem is, there is often an imbalance in daily chores distributed amongst the two partners in a relationship, and this may lead to problems in the relationship. For example, a woman may feel like she has to do the dishes and to wash every day without the help of her husband. Now, if the husband decides to bring his part by taking over some of these chores, then it would bring about a better balance between the chores that are performed by the two partners in the relationship. This could cause a feeling of the relationship being in better balance, which leads to happier partners and, of course, better sex. If problems in the bedroom exist when sex is more on the table, then look at some of the top male enhancement pills to restore your virility in the bedroom.

#4. Being Too “Clingy” Can Also Be An Issue

Being in love often makes two people want to spend as much time together as possible. This is normal, but it is still important to consider the fact that each of the two partners in a relationship is still their unique person and they do require some “space.” The old saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is an excellent phrase for this tip. Two people do not need to spend every second of every day together to truly be in love. Spending some time apart — even if it’s just to join a couple of friends for a night of fun — can do wonders for a relationship. Thus, being too “clingy” can cause problems, but letting go of the “clingy” feeling at times can be beneficial.

#5. Fighting Too Much

We’ve mentioned this already, but giving “fighting” its section is important because this is a common problem that couples face — and too much fighting can lead to a breakup or a divorce. A fight can spark from the smallest of things sometimes — and these are the fights that often causes the big problems. Two partners should rather try to work together and work things out in a mature way. Each partner’s opinion should be taken into consideration, and mutual agreements should be reached at the end of a long talk to avoid fighting, but rather bring about a better harmony to the relationship. Working problems out without a fight can often lead to a stronger relationship.


Many relationships depend on a healthy sex life. It is a natural part of life, and when sex does not form an important part of the relationship anymore, problems may develop that could even lead to a divorce. By considering the facts we’ve explained in this post, you could make some minor changes to improve the bond you and your partner have, and to restore your sex life to what it was before. If you suffer from any known sexual problems, you could opt for a natural supplement like Test X180, which will help you restore your sexual performance without having to worry about the dreadful adverse effects that are often caused by pharmaceutical products like Cialis and Viagra.

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