Disrupted Sex Life? Here’re 7 Things That You May Not Know Is Affecting Your Libido


Love is a powerful emotion. Many people believe that love is the only thing that drives a successful marriage. Unfortunately, we live in reality and not in a fairytale. If love could pay the bills, take care of the kids and make sure everything goes well, then sure, love could be the only thing behind a successful marriage. In reality, it takes work to make a marriage or even a relationship last. While money seems to be a major problem in unsuccessful marriages, studies have linked an inadequate amount of sex to one of the top reasons for divorce. While love is the backbone of a successful marriage, it is reported that the other two major concerns, being sex and money, needs a large amount of attention as well in order to maintain happiness in a relationship or marriage.

When sexual dysfunctions occur, marriage isn’t the only aspect that is at risk. A low sex drive, as well as erectile dysfunction, can often lead to a man feeling like he has lost his manhood. Sexual Health Australia reports that symptoms that are often associated with these conditions include a low self-esteem, sadness, aggression, shame, a guilty feeling and the feeling of being insecure. What many people fail to realize is that, in some cases, small changes to their lifestyles could hold major benefits for them in the bedroom. There are many surprising factors that can contribute to low libido and a loss of sexual desire. Fixing these problems can often fix a disrupted sex life and bring back the spark in the bedroom.

#1: Dairy Products

We’ve all heard that milk is really good for you. It contains protein, fatty-acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Taking these facts into account, one would think that it would also help with levels of testosterone. In reality, milk and dairy products can lead to low testosterone. A 2012 study confirmed that cow’s milk is very high in estrogens, as well as their metabolites. Another study by the University of Yamanashi in Japan confirmed that these high estrogen levels in cow’s milk can lead to a reduced rate of testosterone in the body, which can cause lower libido levels and a loss of sexual desire.

#2: Self-Imposed Pressure

We often tend to impose pressure upon ourselves to engage in sexual activity. This can often lead to a loss of sexual desire, due to the added stress being placed on the entire situation. What many couples find is that both partners would stay away from each other when in bed as neither might feel like having sex, but would still like to cuddle or touch one another. In these cases, each individual might feel like touching the other would automatically induce sex. It is important to remember that kissing, cuddling and simply appreciating one another can often lead to a stronger connection and that these activities don’t always have to lead to sexual intercourse. Focus on what’s happening right now and let the moment decide where things go.

#3: Propecia

With almost 50% of men over the age of 50 being bold, many are seeking a way to reverse the unpleasant effect. This is where Propecia comes in. The product was first branded as Proscar and promoted as a treatment in patients with an enlarged prostate gland. It was then discovered that the formula causes hair growth, which resulted in this specific product. The product was released in a smaller dose and rebranded as Propecia, offering men who are going bold a way to correct their boldness. It was later discovered that the drug may lead to an increased risk of developing prostate cancer, as well as lower libido levels. While a selection of the top male enhancement pills could be combined with the product in order to reduce the negative impact on libido levels, research has not yet confirmed a connection between the two.

#4: Marijuana

With approximately 22.2 million marijuana users in the United States, looking at the effects of this drug on a person’s sexual life is essential. There are different self-reported claims regarding this drug. While some people claim marijuana has helped them with their sexual capabilities, others complain about negative effects. One study provided evidence that erectile dysfunction are three times more likely to be present in a marijuana user than a non-user. Another animal-based study provided evidence that marijuana inhibits a specific receptor found within the tissue that are involved in an erection, which provided a conclusion that the drug acts as a sexual inhibitor.

#5: Licorice

It may seem like an odd thing to disrupt a person’s sex life, but licorice has been linked to decreases in libido levels. A study conducted on a total of seven men aged between 22 and 24 provided evidence that licorice has an impact on the process where 17-hydroxyprogesterone is converted into androstenedione. This can cause various sexual dysfunctions in men, including a drop in their sex drive.

#6: Phthalates

Fabric softeners, synthetic fragrances, artificial air fresheners, scented candles, processed foods, and plastic, are only a few of the many elements that contain Phthalates. It’s all around us, and a study by the University of Michigan School of Public Health provides evidence that Phthalates can reduce testosterone levels in men, women, and even children by as much as 29%. To avoid exposure to this harmful chemical, use glass bottles instead of plastic ones and switch to organic, fresh fruit and vegetables.

#7: Bisphenol A

Found in approximately 40% of the world’s receipts, exposure to this chemical has recently been linked to a reduction in sperm count among male individuals. The same chemical is reported to cause lower levels of free testosterone and has been linked to a reduction in libido. Furthermore, the senior research scientist involved in the study reported that the chemical has also been linked to a lower sexual hormone count in men.


A disrupted sex life is said to lead to further complications that can not only effect a specific person but can have an impact on a relationship or marriage. When these conditions are present, a product such as Blackcore Edge could be used to provide a relief of the symptoms that are effecting a person’s sex life. Considering the large variety of elements that could potentially lead to lower libido levels, a lifestyle adjustment could also often result in improvements.

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