Evidence-Based Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

Ever stop and wonder why you cannot achieve the same sex drive and energy levels that you used to have once upon a time as a teenager? Well, you need not worry much longer. The reasons to this are quite clear. It is because you are aging. It is no lie that as one age, the body’s hormone production recedes and this ends up being a very big challenge to men. As one age, one finds they can do less and less of what they used to do in their heydays.

One challenge that is seen as men age is erectile dysfunction. This is defined as the complete or partial inability to raise an erection sufficient to engage in sexual intercourse. Seeing that sex is a basic need as outlined by Abraham Maslow, one must strive to look for ways and means to reverse these trend. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that may point to other underlying health issues. As such, it is ideal to try out treatments that have been confirmed to offer benefits to health and reverse the various forms of sexual dysfunction.


One of the surest ways of reversing sexual dysfunction and improving your sex life is to engage in exercise. Simple exercise such as walking has been linked to a boost in health and a reduction of erectile dysfunction cases. This is according to a study by Harvard researchers, a drop of 41% of ED cases was seen in middle-aged men who were obese who exercised on a regular basis and previously had ED. As little as a 30-minute walk, a day can help one get a renewed lease of life which they get to enjoy. Continued exercise will see you growing in strength as well as a general improvement in health. The risk of cardiovascular diseases goes down as well as that of diabetes go down with regular exercise.

Eat right

Another sure way and proven method to reverse ED is to choose the food one eats correctly. There is a big challenge in the diets that a lot of people engage in. This is because such a diet is made up of highly refined carbohydrates and proteins. This makes it easy for the products to be absorbed in the bloodstream fast and then they go to storage. Choosing a diet that is big on vegetables as the main item is one sure way to help reduce ED cases. Limit red meat and processed carbohydrates and if you must, choose whole grains for carbohydrates. A study done by the Massachusetts Male Aging study showed that diet has a large impact on Erectile Dysfunction cases. Foods high in Vitamin B12 which is common in wild salmon, beef and yogurt can be used in addressing various chronic conditions of the body. Administration of multi vitamins is also a good way to ensure that older people, especially those past 50 years get their required daily allowances as their absorption of the said products from food becomes poor as one age.


Involve your partner

Though there is a lot of secrecy involved in this condition, the chances of getting out ahead are much better when you involve your significant other. How you do this is by first having a talk with them and explaining the predicament you face. The reason for this is so that you can start addressing your fears slowly. This helps one eliminate anxiety fear as the cause behind the said problem. If already seeking professional help, it is wise to share with your partner the various treatment options. This helps cement your bond and work together as a team. Poor communication can cause even more strain to a relationship. This may translate to hurt feelings, resentment and withdrawal at the very end.

One must strive to ensure that lovemaking is a priority, even in the presence of ED. This is because it becomes very challenging to deal with psychological causes of ED. Strive to reach out and explain the challenges that you may be going through. Do not plan for sex as this becomes boring but rather, try to be spontaneous and enjoy sex whenever, wherever. This is one of the surest and most efficient ways to deal with ED.


With all these being done, it is very important to ensure that you make use of male enhancement. This is a good way to which one uses herbal products blended with minerals which have been shown to give the body a boost. These are products that have been well blended and which come with studies based on them. One such product is JuggerNox which has been shown to help boost levels of testosterone in the body from its blend of ingredients whose studies confirm offer immense benefits.