My Identity

While waiting for a response from The Minnesota Children’s Museum, I would like to share my identity.

As previously shared in class I consider myself a Christian over any of my other identities. I am Christian before being Mexican, a male, English-speaker, U.S. citizen, lower middle class, etc. The reason that’s my first identifier is because it is a universal one. Being Christian, namely Catholic means being universal. According to our belief the Catholic Church is universal because we allow anyone to join. There are no regards to race, economic status, citizenship, or anything of a sort that prevents people from joining. I like this because no one should ever be excluded from God’s love. In one of our most Crucial beliefs, when one partakes of the sacrament of The Eucharist, as said in scripture we become one with Christ and Christ becomes one with us. It is ridiculous to believe that if a poor person were to receive the Eucharist, Jesus would not be one with him simply because he is poor. Jesus wants the salvation of everyone and he asks His followers to welcome people into the Church He Himself instituted.

My second Identifier would be being Mexican. I don’t like using the word Mexican-American because it’s restating where I am from twice. Mexico is in America so saying that I’m Mexican is enough. It’s like a person from the U.S. saying they are American-American. They were born in the U.S. and are called American but why don’t they restate American like Mexican-American. This is society’s way of giving us multiple identities and causing more separation. I am proud of being Mexican, yet if it weren’t for my first identifier, Catholicism, my Culture would be very boring. About half of my culture falls into Catholic traditions. Such traditions include the Posadas that we celebrate which are huge parties along with Rosaries before the birth of Christ to celebrate His coming. Another tradition we hold is in Easter. In Mexico, the Easter Tridiuum is a special 3 day holiday. On Friday when Jesus is Crucified lots of people mourn and don’t do what they regularly do on Fridays or Saturdays. However, when Sunday comes which is the day of His resurrection there are enormous celebrations and change in people’s behavior for the better. Pretty much without my religion I have pretty dull identities.

Apart from Catholicism and being Mexican I don’t really have other identifiers. I believe that identities are sometimes bad for us. The only identity we need to know and accept is that we are all human. Teach that to every kid, man, and woman on Earth and we would see how fast the treatment of others will change for the better. We would actually be free of stereotypes such as Black criminals, Illegal Immigrants, or White trash. Apart from stereotypes we would actually retrieve the definition of equality. We could live in a world where the color of your skin, the place you were born, how much money your parents make, or how well you can perform in a fixed setting doesn’t define how you will live your life. I believe heavily that Karl Marx was onto something when developing Conflict Theory. This is when the powerful (Bourgeois) set laws and norms such as identities as well, to the poor (proletariat). It was the powerful that called the real Americans, Indians in the 15th century, the powerful that created the poor, the powerful that make applications to ask for race and income. In conclusion although identities can highlight the positives in people, it can also create separation in society.

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