Hi all! I have been working on a comparatively “major” update for the 10th year anniversary for Dungeons & Such. My time is scarce and finally have nailed the feature that would hit the sweet spot for the players and myself, so I’m introducing two new characters and a few background art. New levels will be introduced later this year as well. Please help me spread the word! :)

Curious girl is coming to the port

All the art going forward is going to be created on my new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil 2nd generation. The experience has been very awesome, although I don’t have Flash…

So I’ve been working on Dungeons & Such for over 8 years (back when they called it iPhone OS 2), and my kids are now 7, 5, and 3 year olds. The 7 and 5 year olds saw my game and finally had some interest in it and started drawing concept art for it!

I was super excited and I after what I saw, I knew I had to put them in the game. Before anything, my motivation for it was super high.

I don’t have my good old Wacom USB 2 tablet anymore, and I don’t even have Adobe…

I just submitted D&S 3.7.0 to Apple with bug fixes and improvements! :)

3.7.0 updates:
- Fixed issue of buttons not responding at the Square!
- Fixed some issue with Game Center friends at the guild

Previous build:
- Fixed iPhone X swiping issues for viewing minion’s status
- Fixed iPhone X cutoff for chat names
- Fixed new games not being able to register at guild]
- Other bug fixes! :)


Is there a way to transfer Google Blogger posts to Medium?

Thanks to all the fans and supporters, I’m still able to update Dungeons & Such for good reasons. Lately, I found a new backend framework called Vapor that uses Swift so I rewrote my backend code to Vapor and started hosting on Heroku instead of straight to AWS. It has been a great experience and I hope Vapor and Swift on backend will take off even more further. Check out Vapor at http://vapor.codes

皆様のおかげでDungeons & Suchをまだまだ更新している日々でございまする。最近発見したのがVaporというサーバーのフレームワークで、これがまたSwiftで書けるというiOSプログラマーとしてはなんの楽しい。ということでD&Sのバックエンドを全部Swiftに書き直しました。Herokuでホストしています。Vaporに興味ある方はhttp://vapor.codes

Yet it’s been a long time since I’ve posted last. I have been actually patching bug fixes, thanks to many users who reported bugs! Fixing server side logic and stuff lately.
So I have been coding on iOS for almost 8 years now, and this game was written almost that long ago. (Very hard to update it mostly due to poor coding skill from back then lol)


It’s been a while since my last post! With the limited time I have with my two kids and full time job, I managed to release a feature a few months ago. This new feature will let you fish enemies and bring them to fight with you. I work on Dungeons & Such and other side project in the commute train, which is about 40 minutes a day. If I get lucky and am up for it, I can work on it at home. Next step is to fix bugs (that my customers found, thx) around fishing and other areas, and make it compatible for iPhone 6 and 6+. ハイ、前回の投稿からかなりの時間が経ってます。子供二人の世話とフルタイムの仕事の日々の中、敵を釣竿で釣るというフィーチャーを作りました。たったこのアイデアひとつで3、4ヶ月はかかったかな。なんせ毎日通勤時間40分ぐらいしかやってなかったので。 とりあえず今からはお客様の声に反映して見つけてもらったバグ(感謝です)などを修正したりしたいと思います。あとはiPhone 6/6+の対応かな。

I’ve recently moved my server code to Amazon Web Services, we’ll see how it turns out. I’ve been keeping my project clean and up to date with latest OS lately. Trying to get new features in there but requires a lot of time. Getting rid of slacks. 最近サーバーをAWSに以降しました。新フィーチャー作りたいのは山々やけどなかなかこれというアイデアが浮かばず。新OSに対応するのとバグ修正が精一杯な今日この頃。アプリ的になかなかしまってきてる。

I really appreciate everyone’s feedback! They’re all great.
I wish I had more time to work on this.


I managed to crank out some of the best features. Eyes twitching and stuff. I would prefer not to make the game any more complicated for this isn’t my main goal. User feedback is the main drive at this point. I’m going to start enjoying the time with my wife and son from tomorrow when they get back from Japan. :)

V 2.1
New feature!
- Buy your own house to store items
- Forging weapons and armors
- Wands will replenish MP occasionally

- Background music (e.g. iPod music) is fully supported
- Increased the size of players’ character icon so it’s bigger and fits better
- Adjusted store BGM volume
- Fixed problem of level stats window not showing up after beating the game
- Fixed Facebook crash
- Other fixes


- アイテムを保管できる家を建てられるように
- 武器と防具のアイテム強化
- 杖はたまにMPを回復

- バックグランド音楽(iPodなどの)のフルサポート
- 自分の写真をもうちょっと大きく見えるように調整
- 店のBGMの調整
- ラスボス倒したあとに窓がでない問題を修正
- Facebookが壊れてたのを修正
- その他

Genki Mine

Peaceful digital artist programmer. Created iPhone apps, Dungeons & Such, Typing Sebastian, www.summitisland.com

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