For the non-readers of the group.

It’s been a hectic time over the past month. Our courses were attempting to jam in a couple extra assignments before our short vacation, and then short vac (what I’ve dubbed spring break or #SB2k15, though it’s actually Autumn here…) came along and I mysteriously misplaced my to-do list and enjoyed the sensation of doing nothing but sight seeing, drinking wine and and dancing with ostrich.

So now that our break has come to an end, I’ve got a heck of a laundry list of assignments and what-nots (including laundry) to get done, so this post is dedicated to the non-readers of the group, mostly the small children and Tony Wilburs of the world.

I’ve been taking photos of different signs I see around Cape Town (and when I went out to my housemate’s family’s house), so here’s a short collection. Also, someone else seemed to have the same idea as me, and you can check out some other signs here.

And if you missed the ostrich reference, here’s a taster:

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