Lawn Mowing — An Important Component of Complete Lawn Care

Complete lawn care involves several processes like lawn mowing, weeding, mower maintenance, watering, application of fertilizers and pesticides among others. These processes can also be called the components of lawn care of which lawn mowing is the one of the most important. Proper lawn mowing can keep your lawn fresh and green for a long time.

Lawn mowing, an important component of lawn care, requires more than just cutting grass. Whether you choose to do it yourself or choose lawn mowing service, you need some knowledge of lawn care services so as to maintain your lawn well.

There are different types of grass used for lawns and knowing the species on your lawn are crucial. Some grasses grow better during summer while others grow better during fall. Knowing the type you have on your lawn will guide you when mowing your lawn because all species of grass have a certain height where it performs best and if cut below this height, optimum growth and development may never be reached.

Lawn mowing experts in Plano generally advise to cut your lawn only one-third of its height and not lower. This means that your grass will have enough foliage and room to absorb moisture both from the air and through the soil. Absorption of nutrients is improved when the lawn is cut just right.

Lawn mowing done right will naturally be rid of weeds as your lawn will grow in well enough to crowd out weeds without any need for further pest control. Wrong mowing can lead to uneven growing grasses on your lawn, patchy growth, torn-up grasses and weed and pest infestation.

Lawn mowing, an important component of lawn care can be done correctly if the following tips below are adhered to:

- Clean your lawn mower after each use and keep its blade sharp

Cleaning your lawn mower after each use will reduce chances of rust and damage from moisture and clogged up grass and dirt. Clean and properly maintained mower will always be more effective and last longer than a poorly-maintained one in the long run.

Keeping your mower blades sharp is also important because dull blades usually tear or pull at grass stems rather cut cleanly because of their bluntness. This isn’t healthy for your lawn as often times than not, they will have a torn-up look which isn’t appealing to the eye and can be prone to disease and pest infestation.

- Cutting the lawn at the right height

This has already been discussed above but for the sake of emphasis, mowing your lawn too low is bad for its health. It exposes the lawn to the elements more, creates room for weeds and other undesirables to grow and leaves them with little foliage to carry out their photosynthetic activities.

Mowing is best only when one-third of the grass is cut off.

- Pack off or mulch your cut grass after mowing your lawn

Cut lawn clippings if not packed off easily forms lumps which harden and become obstructive in the lawn. They block space for the circulation of nutrients from the growing grass as well as reduce the exposure from air and sunlight. After mowing your lawn, the grass clippings should be packed off with a rake and bagged for conversion into natural fertilizers.

Unpacked grasses when it mixes with damp soil and rain forms clogs and thatch. They also encourage the growth of mold and mosses which compete with your lawn for development.

- Alternate your lawn mowing pattern

Lawn mowing involves more than moving a mower in any direction that pleases you. Soil compaction and an uneven level of grass can be the result of a careless lawn mowing habit. It helps when the pattern of lawn mowing is switched up from time to time so as to identify which pattern is most optimal for your lawn’s growth and development.

- Check for unusual developments and treat as quickly as possible

Simply being observant of your lawn’s growth pattern and development can save you a lot of expenses and time. If you are watchful, you can notice when the grass is growing sparsely and when there are too many weeds or pests or even whether your lawn cutting is even leveled or not. If there is a disease manifestation, you will be able to tell easily too.

Early detection will save you expense as you would have figuratively nipped the challenge in the bud before it gets any worse. The cost of replanting or hiring a lawn mowing service to take rehabilitate the lawn might be higher than any preventive measure that might have saved the situation.

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