Pros and Cons of Electric & Gas Lawn Mower

Pros and Cons of Electric & Gas Lawn Mower

Choosing a lawn mower is dependent on several factors. In our opinion, the major determinant when choosing a lawn mower is the size of your lawn yard. Some lawn mowers give you the best performance if you have a large compound while other types may not be very suitable. As a top lawn care company Dallas, we have thought it necessary to enlighten you on two types of lawn mowers.

In this write-up, we are going to check out the pros and cons of Electric and Gas Lawn Mowers respectively. Both lawn mowers have their strong points and weak points but we believe the choice is yours to make in the end.


As the name implies, this is a type of lawn mower powered by electricity. They usually have a cord that can be plugged into a power outlet while some are rechargeable and semi-cordless.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Electric Lawn Mowers

- Electric lawn mowers are less noisy compared to gas lawn mowers. They run on electric power, therefore, their noise is lesser.

- They don’t emit exhaust and are better for the environment. With them, there is little danger of air pollution as they are environmental-friendly.

- There are no spark plugs to change

- They are cheaper in the long run.

- Electric lawn mowers are lighter because their motors aren’t as heavy as gas lawn mowers

- They’re easier to start and use as there is no pulling or cranking like in a gas engine

- You don’t spend money on gasoline which can be expensive.

These advantages might not apply if you engage the services of a lawn care center in Texas because they will have to use their own mowers to work for you. Your only contribution would be paying for the service.

Cons of Electric Lawn Mowers

- Electric lawn mowers are more expensive than the average gas lawn mowers.

- Electric lawn mowers aren’t so suitable for large lawn yards because they are corded. The cord reduces its mobility because it has to plug into a power source and moving around a large compound may be difficult as the cord will likely run out.

- Electric lawn mowers may find it difficult cutting tough or thick grasses because of their smaller engine capacity.

- An electric lawn mower will require a specialist mechanic when it needs to be worked on, unlike a gas lawn mower that most technicians can be able to figure out their issues.

We have looked at the pros and cons of an electric lawn mower; let’s check out the pros and cons of a Gas lawn mower.


Gas lawn mowers are big-engine lawn mowers powered by gasoline. They are generally used for larger lawns and are characterized by their noisiness. They have their advantages and disadvantages which we have discussed below. Check them out, please.

Pros of Gas Lawn Mowers

- Gas lawn mowers are not as expensive as their electric counterparts.

- Gas lawn mowers can last longer than electric lawn mowers. They are more durable.

- Gas lawn mowers are best for large lawn yards. They have no cord which means their mobility can’t be affected when plugged into a power source.

- They can cut through thicker and tougher grasses with ease because of their bigger engines.

- They are safer because there is little danger of getting electrocuted like in electric lawn mowers.

Cons of Gas Lawn Mowers

- Gas lawn mowers have a more tasking maintenance routine

- They are heavier to maneuver in comparison with electric lawn mowers because of their bigger engines

- Gas lawn mowers are noisier than electric lawn mowers. They also emit exhaust which pollutes the atmosphere. Gas lawn mowers contribute to air and noise pollution.

- Turning on their power requires pulling cords or cranking levers which can be difficult.

So here you have it, the pros and cons of electric lawn mowers and gas lawn mowers. In the end, the final choice is yours to make.

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