When to Stop Watering Your Lawn in the fall

Regular watering is one of the fall lawn care practices every lawn owner must see as mandatory. Even as tough and resilient as some grass species maybe, without adequate watering, survival might be difficult.

However, the unasked question most lawn owners don’t ask is when is it best time to stop watering your lawn?

In this post, we have laid out valuable information on when to stop watering your lawn for best results.

Usually, a good number of factors come into play when deciding on how often you should water your lawn including whether it should be stopped entirely.

The factors here will include the season of the year, the prevailing weather conditions, the type of grass on your lawn, the state of the grass and the type of soil you have.

Read on below for real details on when to stop watering your lawn yard.

1.) Season of the year

Summer as a season is a time of sunshine and heat so water loss is inevitable. Plants lose water easily from evaporation and other heavy metabolic activities. Therefore, your lawn grass will require a lot of water during this season.

Conversely, fall and subsequently, winter requires less water due to the reduced temperature. This is the time to reduce watering of your lawn and in time, stop completely when the environment gets colder from winter.

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2.) Prevalent weather conditions in your area

Some weather conditions prevailing in your area might mean less watering your lawn grass. If water loss from evaporation is minimal in your area due to a reduced temperature, the ideal step to take will be to reduce the rate at which you are watering your grass.

Also, if your location receives regular rainfall, then there is a need to stop watering your grass so it doesn’t become flooded. Too much of everything can be counter-productive and regular watering combined with rainfall can lead to flooding your lawn yard.

When this is the case, it’s advisable to stop watering the lawn for a period of time.

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3.) Type of grass on your lawn

“Lawn grasses are different in look, growth and development requirements. While some grasses require a lot of water to grow and develop properly, certain species of grasses require far less water to grow and develop.”

This factor is important and could determine whether watering should continue or be stopped for a while on your lawn.

It is necessary to find out the species of lawn grass you have and then act accordingly. Your fall lawn care service can help you find this out.

4.) State of the grass

During dry spells, your lawn grass is bound to look dry and in need of regular watering. This is actually the time to apply water on a regular basis to replenish and improve your lawn yard to look green and lush.

The state of your grass determines whether watering should continue or stop. If your lawn is over-watered, it could become prone to disease infections especially the fungal types. Most fungal diseases thrive best in moist, humid conditions.

“A good, observatory look at your lawn grass can tell you whether it still needs watering or not. For professional support, engaging any of the lawn maintenance services in Garland will sort this out in no time at all.”

5.) The type of soil on your lawn

Different soil types respond differently to water application. Some retain more water than others. Loam-clay soil is an example of such soils with high water retaining capacity.

If you have this type of soil on your yard, consistent watering of your grass is unnecessary. You may have to stop watering at intervals to allow it to grow normally.

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