New Trade Information Portal in Myanmar

Myanmar plans to launch a national trade portal later this year, aimed at increasing transparency in policies and practices affecting the movement of goods across borders, official media reported Saturday.
The measure was supported by the Ministry of Commerce of Myanmar at a public event in the first review of the trade policy of the WTO Myanmar in Yangon Friday, said the New Light of Myanmar World.
In partnership with USAID, a site that will have all the information relating to the trade of the MFN rate of tariff and non-tariff measures related to the import and export of goods.
In the end, the National Trade Policy will link national single window linking the country to the ASEAN single window.
Portal of Myanmar trade facilitation will be a single authoritative source of all laws, regulations and procedures for traders and government agencies involved in the import and export of goods.
The first review of the trade policy reviews of the WTO Myanmar under the Trade Policy Review (WTO) conducted in March 2014.
According to official statistics, Myanmar had a trade deficit of nearly US $ 4-B in the first nine months (April-December) of the 2014–15 financial year.
With total trade amounting to US $ 20.9 B over the period, export stood at US $ 8.6-B, while imports took US $ 12.3 B.
Myanmar mainly exports agricultural products, animal by-products, fish products, mining and forest products, import of consumer goods, raw materials and capital goods.

Credit : Myanmar Online B2B Trade

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