Robot in Family

Robot might get into a family in the future.It is possibly in the near future.

If robot should take care of grandma, and grow itself through the experience of taking care of her, when the grandma dies, could we really throw the robot away?

It would be very hard for us.

Instead if we should not discard the robot and the robot should be in the family for generations, the robot might be the one the family favor deeply soaked into.

When the new born baby first smiles, the robot would say “Her smile really looks like her great-grandma’s. She surely will be a beautiful woman.”

When the son gets hurt by falling from a tree, the robot would say “Your great-gradpa also fell from the same tree.” “It was not so high then though.”

The beauty of the olden days that is never going to return.

The ancestor’s vestige heard from the “antique” speaker system of the robot.

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