Dead Fish Don’t Float
Taylor Williams

There is something in this story that startles me. You were able to analyze and think about your actions and interpret them so well, and that part was so well written and explained — in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone reflect on his actions as well as you — yet you weren’t able to control it at that time. Seems that there is a big discrepancy between what your brain controls and what your impulses control. Maybe you were slow in thinking of the consequences? Or you knew the consequences, but it didn’t matter, because it just felt too good to be enraged and let the anger out.
Personally I’ve recently achieved a state of mind where I never act on impulse when someone enrages me. For example, I got punched real hard by a drunk man on one night. My first thought was punch him back harder, or even keep doing that until he dropped on the floor (which wouldn’t be too hard, he achieved that by himself), but instead I decided to hold his arms, calm him down and walk him to a bench.
I could keep talking about this but it’s too late and I gotta wake up early tomorrow. My advice is that you should have a deep conversation with your girlfriend on how much this actually bothered you instead of just saying some nice things so that she stops crying. Anyways, really good read mate, cheers.

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