Me, myself and medium

For the first few years in my career, I was a coder. I got placed in a software products company right after my engineering. I loved my job. If you are into software products, you don’t get to travel much. And if there is one thing I liked more than coding, it was travel. So, when an opportunity came up to shift to a marketing position, I literally jumped at it. It turned out I was good at it. I never had to look at another line of work, or another job.

It will be safe to say I never showed much interest in politics . When my dad and my brother discussed politics at our dining table, I always joined my mom to ask them to focus on something more interesting — like music, or movies, or cricket.

Things changed during Obama Vs Romney. I was in US at that time, and I found the elections , and by extension politics , fascinating. I spent most of my weekends in debates and discussions with my friends. As a marketeer I was interested in analytics, and so following Nate Silver was like an additional layer cream above the cake.

Two years later, I was shuttling between India and US, but I was following Indian elections as keenly as I used to follow cricket scores during my college days.

Our interests have a way of evolving. Right now, it’s at the intersection between technology, marketing and politics. How to bring insights from sales and marketing to technology to achieve a specific political cause.

I will be using Aadhaar as a case in point through the series of posts.


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