Hello Medium!

This is my first post here. Hi :)

I’m a Computer Science MSc. Student at FCT-NOVA in Portugal and I’m always looking out for everything new about technology and programming.
It took me a couple of weeks to decide whether or not to make the jump to Medium, since all I had before was a WordPress blog where I would rant about anything that was driving me mad. This time I’m going to (try to) keep things more professional and keep the topics about what I’m currently working on.

Why Medium?

Well, this is sort of a long story. I’ve had a shared hosting for my website for a year now. I used WordPress to blog, but my goal when I started was to have my own domain with a basic landing page so I could try out Web Development. I liked it so much that I ended up spending much of my free time learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
When I wanted to take blogging a little more seriously I noticed that WordPress was becoming increasingly sluggish. I configured WP’s shiny new REST API to try and have the posts loaded asynchronously on the client side, but it didn’t do much difference. I also kept thinking about all of the security issues that WP seemed to have (more on this later), and it became less and less attractive to me.
At the same time, NodeJS became the coolest thing ever for me and I decided it was time to get a decent webserver, so I used my GitHub Student Pack and grabbed a 60$ coupon from DigitalOcean. The problem was, of course — where to put all the previous blog posts? Where would I blog after migrating to a node.js back-end? Node CMSes didn’t seem to be a very promising replacement for WordPress, and then it hit me. I don’t feel that most of my posts have enough quality to get migrated elsewhere, but what if in the future I move back to shared hosting since I mostly mess around with static content?
This last point was the final nail in the coffin for my WordPress approach to blogging. I seldom have patience to write, and when I feel like it I don’t want to think about updates and maintenance and whatnot. So it needed to be a hosted service. Medium then appeared as a trending platform for bloggers, especially for developers, which made it more interesting. I mean, even Google writes here, so I’d say the platform has a very respectful market share at this point. So here I am, willing to give it a shot in search for other developers with similar interests, since networking is key at this point in my learning phase.

My school progress so far

I’ll try to make this short.
I knew I wanted to be in Computer Science since I was in 5th grade. From that point until I was officially a freshman, school was just a nuisance, an obstacle that time would eventually help me overcome. I never did anything interesting other than some TI-84Plus programs.
I’m now in my 4th year of college, and I’d say I have good grades in most CS courses, but math and physics make my brain hurt, so my GPA was never anything astounding. Two amazing things happened in late 2015: I started teaching lab classes for freshman students, which I’m still doing today and I consider to be one of the coolest jobs ever; and I was contacted by my current advisor with a proposal for a Master’s thesis. After finding out it’s right up my alley, I’m starting my thesis a little bit earlier than usual.
In a nutshell, it’s basically about improving on a specific peer to peer dissemination protocol for distributed databases. I have to design an algorithm (preferably better than what is already used) and then test it on several databases like Riak, Cassandra or MongoDB.
I’m also working on a side-project to warm up with Riak where I met some awesome people and learned a lot about CRDTs. Definitely hit me up if you’re planning on doing something with CRDTs!!


My interests revolve around distributed systems, software and information security, web development and mobile (mostly Android). If you have a project about one of these topics and you’d like some extra hands, contact me via my Medium profile or visit my website to get all of my other profiles. 
I keep all of my projects on my GitHub page.