The girl who stopped dreaming and started living

When she was little, she used to think that her 20's would be phenomenal. Well, she was wrong. At least for a while.

She had the privilege of living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Azores. That girl met so much people, so much friends and said goodbye to all of them. Lived in so many different houses that doesn’t know what is like to have something to call her own.

But she had to leave. And so she went to her homeland full of dreams and hope.

In a matter of time her life changed drastically and everything became empty. Months became years. The years of nothing.

She didn’t knew. She didn’t knew that her light was at the end of her college dorm.

So, in one night of a cold December she started smiling at him, because, mysteriously, in her heart a fresh Spring was about to began. He smiled back. Everything that happened afterwards is just history.

Now she feels like her 20’s are worth of living. And what a lucky girl she is. I wish I was her.

Wait (dreaming again)… I am that girl.


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