Our Best POS Yet

Today, we’re celebrating Nettle’s second birthday, and we want to give some Nettle-POS-shaped love back to you, our beloved users.

We’ve always dreamed of building up an exciting company, with great products, fantastic working climate and many satisfied users. Our team has grown from two founders to a team of eight wonderful individuals that live an breathe Nettle everyday, and here is our little way of saying THANK YOU!

We give you a #multichannel POS for a full year, and a slice of our B-day cake.

We will randomly choose five small businesses, who will be getting 12 months of the new Nettle POS for FREE. You can tag us with #nettlebdaycake in your social posts, or register directly via our website. You have time until the 31 October 2017 to complete the registration. Sign-up here.

These are truly exciting times for us and we want you to join the ride.

We built Nettle from the ground up these past two years, and it was all about the focus and tweaking tons of great ideas into perfection.

If you’ve been using Nettle recently, you might have noticed a few surprises, such as improved employee tool, polished online store features, updated UX design and improved delivery options. Nettle’s in-store and online inventory synchronisation, on-the-go card processing, and detailed reporting give you complete control over your day-to-day functions. But that’s not the only surprise we have in store for you today.

First, we made Nettle POS available on the iPad and iPhone, and now you can sign in to your Nettle Dashboard from any computer to access real-time reports, and other valuable data. You may set employee permissions, import items to inventory, create item promotions, customise your online store, compare your daily business over time, and track the progress of every invoice.

Sign In to your Dashboard here.

Need advice? We’re here to help! If you’d like to speak to us, the easiest way is to contact us through online chat, or you can also send us an email or give us a call. We are available five days a week during standard business hours.

Cheers to continuous growth!

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