R&R Refurbished

Oh yes, we’ve been busy. To make things even more straightforward, we have completely restructured the way you will be handling customer receipts and returns.

We renamed the Activity feature to Sales History which now displays a summary of customer purchases and can be viewed as a list of prior sales. We have also made further adjustments to how item returns are recorded on customer receipts.


When handling item returns the returned quantity is entered as a negative amount and we coloured it red. If the original sale included a single item or multiple items, it is added to a sales receipt as a return item with the same quantity and price as initially sold, you can select the items being returned by ticking the check-boxes. The selected item quantities and prices are then transferred to the sales receipt as return items. Sales reports, inventory counts, VAT report, and customer purchase history will all properly report the return separately no matter which receipt type is being used. Simply take payment or give change based on the total amount of the receipt. You can refund the amount as cash or a gift card.


We also improved the traceability of each receipt, which now contains a name of the employee that issued the receipt and accepted the return, including the exact time and date. To make every customer purchase even smoother you can offer your customers to have their receipt printed or sent per email. Your store’s logo will appear on customer’s digital receipts and you are offered to customise your receipts, and build your store’s recognition by adding your address, phone number and business hours.

It’s important things run smoothly when you’re accepting a sale order. But in case they don’t, your device will remind you. If the item with a specific barcode doesn’t exist or is out of stock, your device will alert you with a beeping sound, and if your device is on silent mode it will buzz.

So much from a tiny point of sale named Nettle.


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