Spring cleaning with AWS

Over the weekend we have made a significant technical shift to modernising our current online infrastructure and migrated all of our Cloud computing functions to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

For the past two years, Nettle has been evolving rapidly, offering more and more exciting new features, and generating enormous volumes of data along the way. By shifting our core infrastructure to AWS we are now able to rely on the Cloud for all our scalable computing and storage requirements, allowing us to increase our service availability and support our future needs.

It’s pretty much everything we have asked for!

Our move to AWS enables us to deploy new features faster, and we are now able to run our big data processing, analytics, storage options and databases much more efficiently. By automating the data verification process we provide our users with secure and easily accessible Cloud platform, allowing them to access their business data anytime, from any device connected to the internet. The new Cloud infrastructure also provides improved levels of security, reduces the chances of downtime and automates our entire online infrastructure.

How does the move impact our users?

To avoid disrupting our users as little as possible, we chose the least busy times of our users to move data to the AWS platform. The migration is still underway and we will be moving user data over the course of the next 24 hours, during the early morning hours, which will not affect the distribution or performance of our services.

We are striving to continually improve the underlaying technologies, to keep Nettle reliable, responsive and delightful to our users.

For more information regarding our infrastructure maintenance plans, please contact us at support@gonettle.com

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