GoNetwork telegram has grown to over 12k members — Thank you! We have some updates for you.

2 min readDec 1, 2017


Since announcing our intention to launch the GoNetwork ICO, things have been moving at a super-sonic speed. It has been an amazing ride so far, over 12,000 people have joined us on Telegram and it’s growing fast daily. All this incredible growth came from just word of mouth — by people talking about GoNetwork.

It fills us with so much pride to see thousands of people believe in what we are trying to achieve with GoNetwork, to bring blockchain technology to the masses.

Our community and the responsibility we have to them has absolutely fuel us to work around the clock — 7 days a week. Often with less than 5 hours sleep a day — we are excited everyday to get the ICO ready as soon as we possibly can.

The team has been working hard to ensure we run a fair, secure and successful ICO. To do this we have hired some of the top lawyers in US and Canada (http://dlapiper.com/), who have handled top ICOs like (doc.ai) read more here: https://www.dlapiper.com/en/us/news/2017/10/dla-piper-represents-docai-in-offering/

We have experts in every area that you would expect, ranging from ICO security to multi-national security laws that are making sure everything is legally and safely executed.

We are leaving no stone unturned to ensure we make this ICO as fair and as inclusive as we possibly can. Soon we will be announcing the details of our token sale. We appreciate your patience and support. This has been the single most difficult piece of work, as we want to make it as fair as possible for all who believe in GoNetwork. One of the concepts we are working on is quite different from what you may have seen with other ICO’s, so keep an eye out and make sure you join our telegram announcement channel (http://t.me/gonetworkAnn) for updates. We really feel you will like it!

Our smart contract for the ICO will be launching soon. All the team and advisor tokens will be locked and vested over a period of time. We will also get it audited by the best auditing firms.

We have also started talking to multiple exchanges as we prepare for the Token Distribution Event.

On behalf of myself and my team I would like to thank you all for your continued support and look forward toward continuing this journey with you all.

Ps, be sure to say hi to me when you see me in the telegram channel :)

Rashid Khan

CEO - GoNetwork




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