Pocket By GoNetwork Wins ETHWaterloo Hackathon — The World’s Largest Ethereum Hackathon!

3 min readOct 17, 2017

ETHWaterloo represented the largest global Ethereum hackathon with over 400 participants coming from 32 countries, but it was the local Waterloo based GoNetwork team that stood atop the winners circle. The 32 hour hackathon saw the judging performed by such notable names in the blockchain community including; Vitalik Buterin, Jeff Coleman, Brian Bondy, Joseph Lubin, Dmitry Buterin to name a few. GoNetworks Team of Amit Shah, Rashid Khan and Xun Cai had 32 hours to produce a functional product and managed to deliver a mobile-first bluetooth based tap and pay system leveraging the Ethereum blockchain and was the only native mobile product amongst the 400 participants.

Most notably, the judges recognised the true value of GoNetworks’ Pocket Platform;

GoNetworks’ Pocket, named after pocket change, aims to solve a problem with financial literacy by implementing gamification, parental controls and transparency for youth leveraging the Ethereum blockchain. The offering allows parents to create assignable digital debit cards and claimable rewards for good behaviour such as decreased spending month to month and controlled spending across different categories (food, entertainment, etc.).

Pocket was presented to everyone at ETHWaterloo including Joseph Lubin, the founder of Consensys; Joey Krug, the founder of Augur; Ryan Zurrer, a partner at Polychain Capital; and Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum. The team also had a pleasure of meeting some of the heavy hitters of the industry. Amir Bandeali, CO-FOUNDER & CTO of 0xPorject gave the team some great insights into the 0x platform and how it can be leveraged to build decentralized exchanges.

More information about the Pocket platform can be found at the official ETHWaterloo’s hackathon submission site https://devpost.com/software/pocket-t1fmg5

At the end, the team was also interviewed by Robert Bent from TrueBit. He asked some very engaging questions. To find out what it was all about, make sure you keep an eye out — we will be posting it soon!

GoNetwork will continue to strive to bring consumer mass adoption and ongoing development of the Pocket platform will ensure that goal is met. With a history of delivering products at scale, the only way GoNetwork will Go, is UP! Get involved in our ICO — https://gonetwork.co

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