Our Wedding: A glimpse

A few days before my wedding, I ran into someone I met told me that my wedding would be the best few days of my life. I smiled and nodded but skeptically thought to myself: There’s no way her words would ring true. Deepesh and I have had our fair share of exciting and tumultuous moments both together and separately in life and while the wedding would perhaps be really enjoyable, we didn’t think it would end up being the “best”. We were so caught up in organizing the whole affair while working remotely and our best hope at that point was that it should all go smoothly. Oh boy, what a riot of laughter and fun it turned out to be.

How could it possibly not be, when both our families and friends are the most fun-loving, loving, and happy people ever. There was so much laughter, dance, fun and happy tears that I wish I could relive those moments again and again. This time, with the people who didn’t make it to the wedding.

Hope you enjoyed the video Brim Company (our photographers or magicians as I’d like to call them) put together with a few favorite moments from the different events.

Originally published at Gone with a whim.