An experiment in male birth control.

60 days ago I began a daily diet of a slice of papaya with seeds, aiming in 60 days to reduce my sperm count to zero.

Why do this?

Quite simply, I want to know if papaya (also known as pawpaw) could be useful as a form of birth control for men. I also want to challenge the status quo in contraception — Why do men not participate in contraception (beyond condoms)?

I feel like we have failed women by not developing a range of suitable male contraceptive options. …

pic: gizmag

Have you ever heard of a smart TV? A smart what? Well Chromecast will fix all that.

One day, the world will use the internet through their TVs they said. We will touch them to scroll through our photos they said. Control them with our glances they said. Life will be freedom and rainbows they said.

We haven’t got there quite yet but smart TVs (TVs connected to the internet) are now here. Even better, you can hack your way to smart TV land without buying a new TV. …

Almost a year ago to the day, that ‘install Messenger’ notification pushed me to delete the Facebook app off my mobile. I kept my Facebook profile, as deleting it in years gone by caused some to think I had died (seriously). So, what happened?

Here’s what I found after a year of Facebook-free mobile mileage:

1. Time to kill.

I have more time. I find it hard to get to a laptop to reply to ‘that wedding invite’ in a week, let alone in a day. There are so many other things to do and this makes me wonder which of those things I…

Pastel de nata in Obidos, Portugal

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been lucky enough to get pretty friendly with the unofficial flag-bearer of Portuguese cuisine - pastel de nata.

Pastel de nata or pastéis de nata in the local lingo, are something pretty special. Each is an egg tart according to well trusted sources. Or more scientifically: they are heaven’s bounty, each wrapped in flaky, buttery goodness and designed for only one thing — your enjoyment.

A lucky few have been wrapping their grubby mits around these little beauties for years apparently, though why I’m just hearing about them now myself makes me feel…

Just a few short years ago, I was sat on a first date, with a sophisticated and pretty lady I’d met on the internet. How could this result in two friends helping 70+ singles get a date and raise thousands for charity? Well, read on…

Wait, internet dating?

Yes indeed. This has become a pretty normal event in our modern times and well it should too. Where else but peering into your mobile in the comfort of your own home, can you meet people from all walks of life? Not down at the local, that’s for sure. …

Gone Workabout

Musings for globe trotters, penned by Oliver Happy: tech worker by day and global citizen for over 14 years. For the podcast:

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