Wen-Diary 7.27

Today, because of West Qin princes and Kuan birthday, so need to go birthday, comes to West Qin princes, he is studying Beiguan opera children, the pension deity for his discipline contained, he was in his dynasty,
Yue is in charge, it is an important figure, but we are more familiar with Kuan, his most admired people of the place, is his loyalty.
To celebrate, so we are in front of the temple, held a concert in North pipe, the purpose is to praise and honor of their dedication.

Today to share with you
“You can be a master of God back!”

To train yourself to become a master back to God, in fact, as long as the two have the ability to:
1. The simple ability
2. Capacity Metaphor
Both of which have a capacity of common, it is to find the essence.
For example, what is the nature of all romance is it?
Many people misunderstand the loss of love.
You tell the truth, but the essence should be feeling.
Because the impact of your actions are feeling rather than fact.
And the feeling is your interpretation.
Therefore, the essence of romance is lonely, is lonely further.
So romance becomes lost, then finally replaced the feeling is frustration.
Simplicity is to simplify, and is the metaphor of “annoying” to “cocoon”!
A lot of people really like the metaphor, but how exactly the master image as learn the skills?
In fact, everything is to dismantle, you will find that everything has in common.
for example:
Romance with cocoon what connection?
I will ask lovelorn people, you know the butterfly caterpillars change it?
I think she would say this is nonsense now!
So then I would ask: What do you look like from a caterpillar, it will eventually become infer what kind of butterflies?
Yes, I think even the caterpillar itself is difficult to know.
But I ask you, when the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, do you think it would be loving his past it?
Do you desire to become butterflies? Then enjoy these days in the cocoon it!
Perhaps you will say, examples of caterpillars have been very easy to link.

Then we just give you an example!
Call romance should be difficult to link with it!
The first step, the first call to dismantle.
The first step is to call: Dial the number, then pick up the other side.
I would like to ask you if you dialed is empty, you’ll hang up the phone?
But you knew the person you love is wrong, why she could not bear to hang up the phone?
Ok! Even if you dialed is not empty, but you pick up people who are not looking for.
Did you hear what he said the first thing you know you made a mistake, so why could not bear to hang up the phone?
Let you dial the right, then the person is right, now you two words are finished, have nothing to say, even if you do not hang at the moment, he hung it is reasonable Ah! What do you think now either need a good topic, then dial again, but you do not hang holding a phone What is the significance of it?
If you still do not believe that metaphor is not difficult, then, all right! Let me give an example:
Bath with romance can link?
The first step: Step dismantling bath
1. wet
2. Tu soap
3. Flush
4. Wipe dry
You will not get wet prior to coating it with soap?
why? Because the soap is difficult to dry the upper body.
So you can not get wet yourself, but at least let the soap is wet.
I know at least one person must lovelorn sad, but I want to ask you:
After applying soap, you can not wash it directly to dry?
You will not, because you know that soap is applied to your body to take away the dirt.
You know met the wrong people is to let you have a day to meet the person.
The wrong people to leave, the right people to come in, after drying, you can put on new clothes again, but I know the smell of soap will have on the body is not easy to disperse.
But do not worry, someone like your taste.
Each love, will let you show a different flavor!
But do not forget, the metaphor is not difficult, but let metaphor generate power, the key is in itself.