Great English level, a solid technical foundation and relevant work experience. Can you find that in India?

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“Buy low, sell high.”

You’ve probably heard this investment cliché adage a million times. It’s plastered across every financial blog on the internet, and as with anything that’s overused, it slowly lost its value.

But as hackneyed as it is, the underlying principle is still relevant and will be forever valuable: The key to performing on any marketplace — stock, real estate, even cryptocurrency — is to find undervalued assets.

In financial markets, the term ‘undervalued’ refers to a type of investment that is selling for a price presumed to be below the investment’s true intrinsic value. …

More candidates through the pipeline means a better hire? Let’s dive into the data and find out.

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Conventional wisdom states that whenever you face a complex decision, you want the most information available, as close to the deadline as possible. More relevant information will always lead to a more accurate decision.

It’s just common sense…

In 2014, three italian scientists from multiple universities observed how betting worked in Italy’s top football division — Il Calcio. They analyzed over a million bets and evaluated the impact of decision timing on the outcome of those wagers.

For everyone’s surprise, they discovered that gamblers performed better when they placed their bets farther away from the game day.

They attribute this…

Finding the right developers for your company is laborious task. That’s why we put together a list of nine actionable tips you should consider if you want to level up your hiring this year.

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Hiring the right person for any position is hard. Hiring the right developer is even harder. Even if you don’t buy into the 10x developer mentality, you still need to find someone who matches the skill requirements and is a great addition to your company.

Software developer job vacancies are expected to grow 17% from 2014 to 2024, but competition for open positions is fierce. Developers are the ones who build stuff for a world that is becoming more reliant on technology so demand for demand is only going to increase over the next ten years.

This creates a “seller’s…

I’m not bluffing.

I used Airbnb for the first time in 2012. I rented this great apartment on the Upper West Side. I had a wonderful experience, and I’ve been in love ever since.

Every now and then, I would read about things going horribly wrong. I just dismissed because, well, they didn’t happen to ME.

Late last year, I had a small issue with them. Despite their inability (or willingness) to help, it turned out OK. So when I was looking for a place to stay in NYC I decided to give them another chance.

I arrived to the apartment in Hoboken…

One of the biggest obstacles people face when trying to start a new business is having a great lifestyle.

At least for A-type personalities like me. I’m driven and competitive. I always want to improve, learn and get better. Every day I read, try to learn something, or get better at relationships. I take care of myself and try to lead a better life every day.

That means that I’m also highly competitive in my career. Career-wise, there are 3 ways of keeping score:

Money — “I’m worth $X.”
Status — “That guy runs ABC at Google. So impressive!”
Responsibilities — “I…

How many times have you spent 8 hours of your day, running after things and reacting to external inputs, only to fill incredibly unproductive at the end of the day?

I used to feel that way 2 or 3 days a week. Then, I found a technique that has increase my productivity at least 2x. And it’s rather simple.

Wake up. Go through your morning routine. Open your computer, and spend the next 90–120 minutes completing the most important (or dreadful) task in the day.

Don’t open email. Don’t open Slack. Don’t open Basecamp. Don’t read the news. …

A quick Google search for ‘how to separate work and life’ throws back 624,000,000 results. Countless of psychologists, entrepreneurs and wanna-be writers (like me) have tried to answer that question.

But before we start, let’s get something out of the way — if you are looking to separate work and life, stop reading this and go read this.

The notion of separating work and life implies life is good, and work is bad. Work is something you need to carefully extract. Like a cavity.

Well, let me get you in on something. Work is just a part of your life…

I’m a self-optimizer. I regularly think about work and life, and how to become better at both.

In one of my last coffee-induced thinking sessions, I remembered how hard it was to quit an old job I hated. I couldn’t do it. I was scared. So I sit down with a notebook and started asking myself some hard questions.

I already knew the answers. People who don’t like their jobs deep down know it. They are silently looking for an escape route. But they are often too afraid to let it out. So I had to do it anyway.


I opened my eyes, and a looked at my Philips Wake Up Light. 9am. A sudden feeling of panic took over. I had a ton of things to do, and I was already 2 hours behind.

I knew this was coming. I had snoozed the shit out of my alarm clock.

I grabbed a quick breakfast (not what I had in mind) and sit down in my kitchen table (not where I work). I opened my 2012 Macbook Pro and clicked on the Mailbox icon in my dock.

Worst. Decision. Ever.

What followed was 10 hours of frantic reacting to…

Remote work changed my life. I’ve been working remotely, or from home, since high school. My only “real” job was at a clothing store in my teens.

Over the years I’ve applied and interviewed successfully (and not) to different remote jobs. Now, as the Marketing Director at a remote startup, I spend a significant amount of time hiring and managing marketers.

Below you’ll find a few thoughts I’ve gathered over the past 12 months that will help you understand the process of getting a remote (marketing) job.

You have a few seconds

I want you to pause for a moment, take a step back, and…

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