year++, or why New Year’s Eve is important

For me New Year’s Eve is something more than just incrementing current year by one. It is a great time to sum up all achievements from the previous year and define new goals for the next year. It is a day, when I try to look at myself from the side and see how well I am doing and whether I am moving in the right direction.

I am very happy, that this year I finally found time and started creating open-source components on GitHub — it allowed me to surround myself with like-minded human beings — developers, entrepreneurs and people who like startups. With a few of them we already started very exciting project. I will share it with you when we launch.

This year I finally forced myself to close laptop every evening and spend time reading books. Guys, for some of you it might sound too obvious, but books are extremely important. They are full of knowledge, advices, they help us to invent new ideas and they add a lot to our intellect. (I would be very grateful if you could write your favourite books in comments)

My another big achievement was to start properly defining tasks for the next day and week. I believe, that time management is very important. If you think, that you spend your time wisely — you are wrong. I would suggest to install RescueTime and analyse it. For those, who are willing to save and plan their time I would suggest to have a look at these three concepts: ABC analysis, Pareto principle and Eisenhower method.

List of all my goals for the next year is already prepared. List of all my winnings and failures in the previous year is written as well.

It is time to wish you all the best.

Define your goals and dreams. Work hard. Celebrate winnings.

See you next year!