Social business in online financing: Crowdfunding narratives of independent documentary producers in Turkey — Suncem Koçer / Week-10

As Suncem Koçer said “Crowdfunding is a novel concept in Turkish public discourse.” This new funding method enable journalism to become more independent during to evolution of media from traditional to digital media. Individual experience turned to mass action by using crowdfunding and it seems that is going to continue to be used by culture-based producer of political projects.

It’s really meaningful that the discourse of crowdfunding became more significant after Gezi protest. One of the main reason is that during the Gezi protest neither of national media covered what happened in there. Since newspaper publishers have always depended on advertisers or some of them depended on subvention for their revenue, the companies and government always take possession of the media. Particularly, during Gezi protest, the companies abstained from giving an advertising to some of the media company to stay neutral in this chaos. This reason changed the content of news during that time. As mentioned in the article, to collect funding to give an advertising to New York Times, which costs 100 thousand dollar, had served a very important purpose for protesters. Following this logic, crowdfunding seems successful model for news companies, especially for political project.

Social issues give rise to crowdfunding as we see the case Gezi protest. As mentioned in the article the documentary which called Benim Çocuğum (My Child), and given advertising which emphasized that “What’s Happening in Turkey.” Additionally, we can mention about T24 which collected 100.000 TL fund by creating campaign for objective journalism.

As I always say, investigative journalism become more significant to development the content which supposed to be quality, distinctive and unique for this model as well.

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