Google Cloud Basics

What is GCP?

  • Cloud Databases (BigQuery, Cloud SQL)
  • Automate ETL processes(Cloud Functions, Pub/Sub, Cloud Scheduler)
  • Virtual machines (Cloud Run, App Engine, Compute Engine)
  • Data Storage(Storage)
  • Use your computing power to ML/ IA (Vertex, AI Platform)
  • Connect with all Google Marketing Platform tools

Modules with free tier


  • Use the APIs to your advantage but with care, since some enable modules with cost within GCP, all this is managed in the “APIs & Services” module.
  • Take advantage of the modules with free tier to start the practices.
  • Use external tools to take the platform to another level (Terraform, Kubernetes among others)
  • Visit the Google partner portal, there are tools already built in GitHub repositories to quickly implement and put into production.
  • In Starthinker you can find many projects to implement with already built code.

Skills to train

  • Cloud Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • BackEnd
  • SRE
  • Linux

Possible Projects

  • ETL process.
  • Automation of tasks through programs mounted in the cloud.
  • Train and put into production models of ML/IA.
  • Data architecture processes.




Cloud Engineer

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Cloud Engineer

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