3 Things That Have Happened since Donald Was Elected

A Look into the President-elect with humor

Apparently Donald Trump slammed the New York Times with tweets, but who hasn’t this man slammed at this point? I mean he’s gotten to LGBTQ+, Mexicans and women so who’s left at this point? His tweets were absurd. He claims the Times’ subscriber count has been going down, and then the Times had to come back and put him in his place.


Update everyone, Donald Trump says he ‘fine’ with gay marriage. Obviously he won’t ever be like Lady Gaga and dedicate anything “for God and the gays” but at least it’s fine with him. I’m really glad we cleared that one up because being ‘fine’ with it really shows he cares.


Calexit? Like the Brexit, except this one is good right? I mean California talking about seceding is a little dramatic but I mean desperate times call for desperate measures. If this Calexit happens you can bet on me moving back to Orange County and joining in.