Skinny-Guy Pre and Post Workout Ingredients To Build Quick Muscle

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Are you an ectomorph? Well, you must be, because what else in the world would make you land on this article otherwise! Since you are here, read on and discover, apart from a power workout, what are the key elements to gain muscle, easy and quick. Being naturally skinny, it will never be easy for you to hit the gym initially. But once you face your fears and get regular with the drill, you must follow some pre and post workout schedules to enhance your ‘daily dozen’ performance. This will help your body get that extra mass and muscle, required to amplify your frame altogether.
Pre and Post Workout Meals: These meals are crucial and they can help improve performance results, thus helping you build a lean stature.

Pre Workout Meals:

As you never drive a car without fuel, likewise you should never workout on an empty stomach, as your workout will suffer because you will not have enough energy to sustain it. Also, you will be too distracted by hunger to be focused. Pre workout meals give you energy to maximize your workout performance. These meals are also called ‘energy phase’ because they play the largest role in providing your body with maximum energy, in order for you to workout with 100 percent effort. Before an exercise session, you should feed your body with stuff that is heavier on carbs and has less of proteins. Carbs are the best source of energy and they are easily digested by our body. It is suitable to consume your meal, 30–60 minutes prior to the workout. However, if you are planning for a bigger and heavier meal, take a balanced meal of carbs, healthy fats and proteins, for at least about 3 hours before Pre and Post Workout Supplementation.

Following are some pre-workout ingredients for your body:-

Whole Wheat Toast With Peanut Butter and Banana:

Whole wheat toast will provide you with complex carbs for workout endurance. Bananas will raise potassium level, which tends to drop as you sweat. Peanut butter is high in protein and digests easily

Greek Yogurt With Fruits:

Yogurt provides you with carbs and proteins to keep you energised during your workout. Added fruits contain natural sugar for the extra energy boost. You can keep changing fruits of your choice daily.

Dressed Up Oatmeal:

This meal is a popular choice for long runs or long cardio. Oatmeal provides energy throughout your workout, by gradually releasing sugar into your bloodstream. You can choose to top it with fresh fruits, peanut butter, whole nuts, seeds, eggs or cocoa powder.

Whole Wheat Toasts With Eggs:

If you like something more substantial, then this meal is for you. It is prepared using 1Pre and Post Workout Supplementation: or 2 whole wheat toasts with one hardboiled egg, sliced. Egg is an excellent source of protein that keeps you satisfied and is much easier to digest. Avoid consuming meat as a pre workout snack, as it takes much longer to digest and it will weigh you down while you exercise.

Dried Fruits and Whole Nuts:

This ‘on the go’ meal is for folks who do not have much time to prepare, yet want something that fills their stomach on the move. The healthy sugar from dried fruits provide you with quick energy uplift, while nuts will keep your insulin levePre and Post Workout Supplementation:l from dropping, during your workout session. They are also high in healthy fats which means, they take longer to digest, therefore consume them in moderation.

Pre Workout Smoothie: Having a liquid based snack prior to your workout will make it easy for your body to digest, and the water content will keep your body hydrated for a better workout performance. You could use kiwi and kale smoothie, kale being rich in vitamins A, C and K, is jam packed with green energy. Adding a pinch of protein powder will help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.

Other quick and easily digestible Pre workout snacks include all kinds of fruits, cottage cheese, low sugar sports drink, caffeine which boosts your metabolism and improves performance endurance and different kinds of whole foods which are high in carbs.

Post Workout Meals:

Growth follows damage, which is why it is important to optimize muscle recovery that begins as soon as your workout ends. A post workout meal is the first meal you have after the workout session, which is also called ‘anabolic phase.’ Having the right post workout meal will help with Increase in muscle mass, reduced fatigue and muscle sensitivity. To achieve this, we need to fill our body with high protein for optimal recovery. Proteins consist of amino acids which build muscle and help in recovery. Our muscles break down during a workout and need to be rebuilt with proteins. For this reason we are encouraged to consume our post workout meals within 30–60 minutes right after our session. This is when our body is most ready to accept the carbs and proteins and to use these nutrients to rebuild, restore and recover.

Following are some post workout ingredients for your body:-

Grilled Chicken Breast With Steamed Veggies: Since your body is in recovery mode, so you need a nutrient dense dish. The lean protein in grilled chicken will fill you up without feeling overly bloated and veggies are high in fiber, they will keep you content, without over eating.

Baked Salmon With Sweet Potato Chips: This is another nutritious post workout meal. Salmon is a great source of protein with omega-3 and sweet potato is packed with complex carbs, which help to restore energy after an intense workout. You can substitute the salmon with chick peas.

Red Pepper Hummus With Tuna Chunks:

Tuna and hummus are low in calories but high in protein. 100gm of tuna contains 99 calories and 23.5 gm of protein. Hummus is a great vegan option to fulfil your protein requirement.

Chocolate Milk: Recent research has shown that chocolate milk is the latest craze in post workout snacks, even over water and sports drink and this is because, one cup of chocolate milk has everything you need. Carbs to restore energy, protein for muscle recovery and water content to replace lost fluid from exercising. Chocolate lovers, it is the perfect time for you to indulge in a cup of hot chocolate milk.

Protein Shakes and Bar: It is the easiest way to refuel your body with proteins. Each scoop of protein powder has about 24g of protein. Opt for bars with 10–30g of protein and less than 10g of sugar and minimum amount of ingredients you cannot pronounce.

Post Workout Smoothie: Post workout nutrients are very important as you want to replenish the body of all the hard work that you just did. A strawberry oatmeal smoothie would serve you the best after a gym session, as oats will add fiber and protein to your drink. Adding some protein powder will replenish lost fluids during workouts.

Pre and Post Workout Supplementation:

A pre workout supplementation, such as xtremeno supplement, increases the nitric oxide level in your blood stream. Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator or has a vasodilating effect on our body, which increases the muscle pump. It lets the muscles around your artery walls, to loosen a little so that you get a larger vessel. It will allow more blood to flow through, which goes to your working muscle and help you train at a harder level. It also enhances muscle hydration. Citrulline, a constituent of best supplement for muscle gain, when bonded with malic acid in malate form, feeds the krebs cycle. Krebs cycle is what produces enough energy for your cellular muscular contraction. These supplements not only provide the pump effect, but also instill longer endurance and prolonged energy in your body. Once you have identifiedPost Workout Smoothie:Post Workout Smoothie: your correct supplements, it is important for you to consume them in the right dosage, as supported by research. For example, 6 to 8 grams of citrulline malate supplement per day is ample to stimulate your body, prior to your isometrics.

Anabolic window is the 30 minute metabolic time frame, post a gym training session, in which the body responds best to recovering nutrients. The most commonly used post workout supplements, to be consumed in this anabolic window are- protein supplements with amino acids, carbs and antioxidants. Free radicals are produced during hard training sessions and these are responsible for cellular breakdown. Anti oxidants or Vitamin C, in your supplements, fight against these free radicals, consequently sparing a significant amount of cellular decomposition. Amino acids promote muscle reconciliation. Carbs help replenish blood glucose levels, which significantly dips after repeated muscular contractions. Protein helps in quick recovery of the body after a vigorous workout.

We hope this article helps you eat clean and assess your nutrition regularly. The more informed you are, the better you will be in terms of making the right decision. This will eventually bring a significant change in your workout and hence, will take that ‘skinny guy’ badge off you.