It’s 2018 and you need to think about your next projects, features and ideas without going crazy. Few days ago i started to analyze and understand how can we release better solutions without fattening our backend monolith. Here my wish-list-to-try list for this year, and the why.

ClaudiaJS (AWS-Lambda deployment for NodeJS)

Official Site:

This month we started using AWS Lambda functions as a kind of “middleware proxy” to filter and process API responses from external services. Yes, maybe this is not the “optimal” solution, but by this way we created a single endpoint to make a lot of calls getting just the needed…

DDD are acronyms of Domain-Driven Design, a software architecture approach to handle and implement complicated domains in projects. It’s very interesting to study this way of thinking from experienced people.

Here some books and readings about this topic:

This particular presentation allowed me to understand better the “power” of this theory in a concrete language (PHP):

Few weeks ago i decided to try my luck with an easy mobile-dev framework and start my own pet project (about restaurants) for Android devices. After doing a little research and googling, finally i found several options for hybrid apps:

After a little talk with some friends (thanks @poliukGV), i gave an opportunity to Ionic Framework. These are some reasons:

  • Ionic is using AngularJS and HTML5 as frontend technologies: i know these frameworks very well so this was my main reason to choose it.
  • There are…

Aunque cada vez tenemos más ejemplos de plataformas/herramientas como servicio (SaaS), siguen siendo un tipo de producto especializado, muy de nicho, y lento en cuanto a crecimiento puesto que generalmente, se tiene que ajustar y pivotar a algo que realmente quieran los usuarios/clientes. ¿Pero qué quieren?

Cuando construimos una herramienta empresarial desde cero, y sin que ningún cliente lo encargue (como es nuestro caso con, tienes en mi opinión que cumplir necesariamente con unos requisitos:

  • El sector/nicho: Conocer muy bien el sector al que te diriges. Tanto que gente del equipo debería tener experiencia en ese sector previamente.

Gonzalo Plaza

Software Products, Architecture, Cloud & DevOps culture — Founder+CTO @

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