Dear Gonzalo Vazquez

Gonzalo Vázquez

Today’s going be a good day and here is why:

Not really.

We have all been here, in the unknown, the upside-down, the void. It has many names, however one thing is consistent of this place, how we got here.

It could have been a painful breakup, an unfavorable medical diagnosis, a loved one’s death or not getting that promotion at work. Whatever it was we are here now.

Our instincts are yelling at us to get out of this place. We pound our fists against the concrete and drop to our knees yelling and crying uncontrollably. We want to understand how we got here. We want to understand if we could have done anything differently.

We turn to the only mirror in the dark room and ask ourselves those questions. However, no one is on the other side to respond.

We feel alone.

We feel defeated.

We feel lost.

Even in the darkest times there is always light.

Pain is also part of life. It is easy to feel discouraged, even bitter. Heartache, loss, disappointments don’t leave us the same. Every painful moment, even though we don’t like it, is developing something in us that can only be developed in the tough times.

Eventually, we will heal.

The key is what we do in our times of pain.

In this tough times, we can easily let the pain overwhelm us, now how the pain changes us is up to you. We can come out bitter or we can come out better.

We can come out defeated, giving up on our dreams or we can come out with a new passion, a new fire, excited for the new opportunities in front of you. Without this pain we could not reach the fullness of our life.

We all experience pain, my challenge to you is don’t just go through it, grow through it.

This difficulty is an opportunity to grow stronger, to develop character, to gain new confidence. Anybody can give up, anybody can let it overwhelm you but that is wasting your pain.

That pain is not there to stop you is there to prepare you, to increase you, to develop you. Difficulties will always be a part of life, now quit telling yourself you can’t take it, you are not weak, you are well able.

Eventually the pain will pass, you will give birth to new strength. There will always be forces that convince us to settle where we are.

What are you remembering?

The hurt, the pain, what didn’t work out. Turn it around and remember your dream.

Have you allowed any dreams to get buried in you? At one time, you believed you could do something great. You could easily settle where you are and nobody will fault you. The pain would love to deceive you into burying your dream.

Don’t believe those lies.

Every time you remember your dream, you are removing some dirt from it. You are digging it back out. The true mark of a champion is even though some dirt get thrown on your dream instead of letting it get buried you keep shaking it off. You keep moving forward.

How many dreams and goals are buried under a failed marriage, a medical illness or a loss. Your dream is not dead, is just not in season. Your time is coming. Promotions are coming, good breaks are coming, promises you have been standing on.

This is your time, this is your moment, shake off the doubt, shake off the negativity, you are at the right place, at the right time. Now all you have to do is get on the right frame of mind.

This is my year to get healthy and whole. This is my year to meet the people of my dreams. This is my year to go further in my career. This is my year to accomplish dreams. This is my year for vindication, restoration for new beginnings.

Believe in yourself. You can bounce back from adversity and reinvent your life.

Let’s try this again.

Dear Gonzalo Vazquez,

Today is going to be a good day and here are a thousand reasons why…



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