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Know your enemy!

What a joke politics has become these days, and not even a good joke where the punchline was worth us investing our time in the set-up. Without even getting started on the current climate in the United (soon to be divided) Kingdom, we then have that total clown across the river spouting vitriol and messages of hate to his band of racist, backwards followers. Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office have been as un-hilariously comical as we could expect from someone who has no experience in politics and the complexion of an orange that has been left out in the sun too long. First Arnold Schwarzenegger got elected at the Governator of California, and when we thought this wasn’t ridiculous enough, the American people in all their confused wisdom decided to elect a man who has practically no credentials to the top job, President of the United States. Again that word United. It seems like never before has the US and UK been so divided; we have been split down the middle like an axe into the face of Paul Allen. Everywhere I look I see and hear division, people taking sides against one another, banding against, hunkering down like Indians round a campfire, clutching their weapons, listening for the enemy. What we need now more than ever in this world is co-operation, peace and love, and yet we just can’t seem to work it out, to separate or reconcile our differences. It feels like we’re living in a god-damned football match, team against team, except this is not a game, at least not in reality, because this shit actually matters. It effects millions and even billions of people, and Trump becoming President and acting in exactly the way we thought he would just goes to show how weak and deluded the ‘land of the free’ has become. The land of the free? Whoever told you that is your enemy. Fascism vs Liberalism. Conservatism vs Populism. Walls vs Bridges. All the ism’s, all the horrible hate and confusion and opposition.

Trump said he didn’t think this job would be so difficult. He thought it would be a breeze, maybe something he could just do for a couple hours a night after creating another monstrous idol to capitalism like the Trump Tower, Trump Casino, Trump fucking World of Adventures, where the attendants grab you by the pussy as you enter, the rides cost $1000 each and the only way out is by hiding your money off-shore in a Swiss account. It just goes to show how naive, unprepared and foolish he was to take up this job, and the more he stays in power, the clearer it is that he has no idea what he’s doing. The liberals love it, smugly smirking with glee every time he makes a fool of himself with another decision or comment that peels the orange layered mask to reveal the skeletal face beneath. But this shit effects us man, it effects everyone, and all the stupid shit he has been doing since he became elected is starting us on a very depressing next four years.

Trump hugely over-estimates his own abilities, having never had to work hard for what he has, never been told no and never had to deal with the consequences of his actions. This is why this swishy rich boy should have been allowed nowhere near the White house, because besides being laughably under-qualified, his personality is one of a petulant child who opens his lips and trumps out a loud, annoying, rude noise before his brain has had a chance to worry about whether or not what he is saying is correct, or should be said. We have confused confidence with knowledge far too often these days, allowing those who talk the loudest to get the furthest. Simply because they have a voice does not mean what they are saying should be heard. And Trump should be locked away in one of the lowest basements in his tower, so he can continue to hear his own trumps and listen to that dumb voice in his head that tells him that no matter how many people hate him and think he’s an idiot, he’s surely right. He bases nothing of what he says on facts or logic, preferring instead to rely on his own instincts and whatever he has read or heard on Fox News. He regurgitates these ideas such as that immigrants are a bunch of rapists and murderers because it keeps things simple for him. If you show him facts and figures, he will probably wave them away, preferring to focus on simple, uncomplicated thoughts that can be easily condensed. So he carries on with his racist, badly thought out comments, like a rich boy who’s had too much wine at dinner and starts talking about how immigrants are a bunch of lazy scumbags. No one else would say these things, even if those people around the dinner table are Trump’s supporters who believe this too, which is why they like listening to someone like him who has the guts to say these terribly uninformed things.

Unless…. Peach, I could eat a peach for hours. Betting sites now give 60% likelihood that Trump gets impeached this year. This is our only hope for the future frankly. We need this fool out of office before he builds a big wall around America to keep out immigrants, increases the already gargantuan US military budget and starts war with North Korea. And of course stops all progress being done to try and battle the oncoming very real threat of climate change that is one day soon going to come and wash all our sin off the earth like God did to Noah when he could no longer stand the sight of what his children had become, I just hope I’m in the boat when this happens. Jesus fuck, maybe that’s what we need after all; a real cleansing, a total reset of morals and values so we can start again, a re-build, tearing down all this malice and confused PC capitalism that we have come to accept as inevitable fact. Aren’t we close to needing a total re-appraisal of life? This isn’t what it’s all about after all. Yes God, please save us from ourselves, for we are still as naive as Adam and Eve, still so full of sin, what a piece of work is man! Come God, help us in our weakness, destroy all the high towers, the HSBC buildings with their debt and credit scores, the office buildings with their millions of desks and computers that keep people endlessly shackled with the pointless work, the banks with all their paper and digital money that spins round and round, inevitably piling untold misery on the masses. Lose all control, take back insanity and become people again, instead of machine men, with machine hearts and machine minds. In a way, Trump is a total embodiment of capitalism, our preacher teaching us that getting rich is more important than honesty. In our modern day, truth is dead. Truth isn’t something we care about, it doesn’t make money so we have no use for it, it will in the end just get in the way of our own selfish journey to try and reach the top. But if you repeat a lie often enough, does it then become true? He likes to use sweeping general statements again and again, trust me. And the more he says them, and then the more the media repeat them because he’s interesting to their readers, the more the line between fiction and reality starts to blur. It’s becoming easier to see how Hitler convinced an entire country that Jews are evil, he just repeated it enough times, with enough conviction, and flattened anyone who said otherwise. This is also why people now believe Jeremy Corbyn is inept and foolish, it has been said so often that people are starting to believe it, alas. Actions speak louder than words perhaps, but words sway people more readily than actions can.

Trump was born into privileged lies, and he shows that he has no boundaries when it comes to what he will do to save his own skin and continue in the pursuit of idiocracy. He recently fired the FBI director because the FBI are investigating Trump’s illicit ties with Russia and their probable meddling into the US election without batting an eye-lid. This is clear corruption at the heart of politics, and he does it with such unashamed transparency that I almost admire him for his lack of fear or shame. Lies come so easily to him, because simply put almost everything about Trump is a lie. See my previous article about him for full details. However, this decision to sack FBI director James Comey has only helped to increase the odds that he will be impeached. So let us hold hands brothers and sisters and pray to the almighty unseen moving hand of progress that this orange buffoon is ousted from office, thrown out onto the sidewalk to be eaten by hyenas, or thrown in jail like where he belongs so we can’t hear his poisonous voice echoing endlessly through the media. If this doesn’t kill his shambolic excuse for a Presidency, then what won’t he be able to get away with?

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” Steven Fry

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