The Lie of Democracy Part 2 — Conservative Politics

I’m unsure as to exactly what Conservative politics is supposed to do for us these days. I’m confused as to how it can exist as such a large political party when all it seems to want to do is help rich people stay rich and stop the masses getting in the way or being empowered. The ultimate lie that we were told by capitalism that really lead to the popularity of the party is the idea that if we let people get rich, they will then help people who are not so rich by sharing and re-distributing their wealth. Because they told us this would happen, and guess what? It didn’t. In the past 10 years we’ve watched the divide between rich and poor get larger and larger as everyday people struggle to keep up with a never-ending trap of bills and taxes whereas the rich man (if clever enough) is free to hide his money in off-shore accounts, with his only interest being in making more money to hide from the people and government.

Conservatism as a political and social philosophy promotes retaining traditional social institutions in the context of culture and civilisation” is the definition of the Conservative party, and if this is the case then I really think we need to re-define what our ‘traditional social institutions in the context of culture and civilisation’ really are. Because the subtext for this is really ‘giving privileged education to the few and a second class education to the rest’ which therefore ensures the continued line of rich white kids being born with unfair benefits, passed on from willing generation to generation. Once upon a time in a simpler world, this system may have worked and been acceptable for most people, but this was a time before the internet, the ability to travel and re-locate with ease and the mass mixing of different races. London is now a huge melting pot of different cultures and types of people, so how can traditional social values work when the city they are being applied in is constantly evolving away from such values? Conservatism is a traditionally British value; making me think of posh men in suits, stiff upper lip, Colin Firth, red busses, black taxis and government regulated morality. But when these things are no longer applicable in the city we live in, it’s clearly time to move on. That London is dead; but David Cameron and his cronies have been trying to keep this idea alive instead of accepting that things have changed and that we are now a massively international city with people from all walks of life; most of whom weren’t educated at Eton or Oxford. Conservatism these days has only shown to me that it panders to the rich and leaves everyone else behind without a second thought. Because their system is pretty much purely motivated by money and capitalism in their efforts to make this city the best and most expensive on the planet, which in turn leaves most people living here behind; with us no longer being able to afford the price they’ve put on London.

But most importantly Conservatism was applicable before money became our one true God. Because if you’ve seen The Big Short, you will know a big change in the financial world took place due to a man called Lewis Ranieri who in the late 70’s came up with the idea of the ‘mortgage back security’ which basically allows bankers to make huge amounts of money from grouping many different housing loan transactions together. ‘And American barely noticed as it’s number one industry became boring old banking’ Ryan Gosling tells us. Then following on from that we have the people who we meet in Wolf of Wall Street less than ten years later, and not even just Jordan Belfort but all the money-crazed traders around him when he’s working on Wall Street who still to this day take home hundreds of thousands of pounds in bonuses for continually putting our faith in something that isn’t real.

And of course then we have the most recent line of young people being able to become millionaires in a few hours with Silicon Valley and people like Mark Zuckerberg. I have more sympathy for these tech geniuses because they are providing the world with an at least partially helpful, or at least an in demand service which often makes life easier for people or spreads joy. I won’t be going off onto another tangent here about whether technology is a good thing or not, that’s another story. But regardless of whether or not what they are doing is good, they are becoming incredibly rich. Are tech developers the Wall Street bankers of today? Will they crash our economy from over-stimulation like the traders did? I don’t know.

What I do know is that the world is not the same place it was 10, 20 years ago and our traditional conservative values no longer accurately reflect what people want, which increasingly is equality. It’s become us vs them again, like it was in the 1960’s with the rise of young hippies who rose up against the powers that be to demand sex, drugs and music. All those things may sound overly hedonistic or simplistic, but at the end of the day they all point to the same thing that people still today crave and that those things represent; freedom. Real freedom, not the one that we are so often told we have by politicians and newspapers so that they can continue to delude and mislead us. The only freedom is the one we take, so we must fight for it.

‘The old get old and the young get stronger. May take a week or it may take longer. They’ve got the guns, but we’ve got the numbers, gonna win yeah we’re taking over. Come on!’ Jim Morrison

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